3 Things to Consider in Selecting Wire Mesh Decking

wire mesh decking

3 Things to Consider in Selecting Wire Mesh Decking

Pallet racks are considered to have a vital role in maximizing warehouse and distribution centers. For decades, part of the industrial decking design is the selection of the right wire mesh decking. This serves as the base that is used for storing non-palletized products and items. Moreover, some experts say that not all decking solutions are created similarly. Some reduce the chances of products and falling, and some aren’t. One of the most popular choices by many industries is HML Pak’s wire decking. Follow this article along and know why!

wire mesh decking

Why Wire Mesh Decking becomes popular?

There is a good reason behind the industry’s preference for wire mesh decking over the others. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Superior strength
  • Easy installation
  • Safety

Questions To Ask In Choosing Wire Mesh Decking

What are you storing?

This is the first question a buyer must ask. In choosing the best wire decking, the dimensions and weights of the items need to be considered. Hence, knowing what products to store would help you evaluate the right decking solution for your warehouse. Selecting the wrong one may only cost your business, and if the stored products would exceed the loading capacity, it will create a huge risk to you and your employees. 


If aren’t sure what type of wire mesh decking you’d like, our team from HML Pak will be happy to help you. 


What is the purpose of the decking?

It is essential to evaluate the general use and purpose of your chosen wire decking solution. If you are stacking loose cases, full pallets or special equipment, all must be examined. Although selecting the proper wire decking for your storage racks seem easy and straightforward, there are some considerations that you have to check out. 


When you finally have in mind the right decking for your operations, consider its general application. Tackling this together with your management (if you own a big industry), you can ensure that your business will get the best wire mesh decking pallet racking solution. 


What environment will the wire decking be placed?

Where will you put or install your wire decking? Will it be stored outside or insider your facility? Mostly, when the environment has moisture oxidation concerns, a galvanized wire mesh deck is recommended. Fortunately, wire decking from Huameilong Metal Products are made of mild steel and finished with galvanized iron or powder coating. Thus, you don’t have to worry!


Moreover, it is also essential to decide the wire divider you will install. Should you choose inverted or flipped channels? Selecting the right wire decking for your storage rack system has a lot that goes before the actual buying. 

HML have years of experience specifying and manufacturing wire decking for many applications and environments. If you are interested, give us a call at 150-4060-8276 or reach us through email sales1@hmlpak.com.

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