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4 Ways Roll Containers Can Help Your Business

4 Ways Roll Containers Can Help Your Business

Here at HML we specialize in designing, constructing and supplying bespoke materials handling equipment. From Supermarket, Laundry to Warehousewe’ve supplied equipment to businesses in a variety of industries.

After years of design and development we have an extensive range of roll containers, which are suitable for a number of jobs.

  • a frame roll container

    A frame roll container

    HML-BY05 -- Four sided nesting “A” frame, with top lid. Anti-theft design, most used for securing high-added-value product transportation and sensitive product storage
  • wire roll container

    Wire roll container

    HML-BY07 - Square base, two demountable panels. Ergonomic and easy to handle due to its light weight construction
  • roll cage trolley

    Roll cage trolley

    HML-BY08 - Three sided nesting “A” frame. Ideally suited for internal transport of goods with or without pallet trucks
  • warehouse roll cages

    Warehouse roll cages

    HML-BY09 - “A” frame design allow nesting when not in use, reducing space, great for reverse logistics
  • Security roll container

    Security roll container

    HML-BY10 - Four sided nesting “A” frame, with top lid. Its tight mesh design makes it also the perfect anti-theft unit
  • laundry cart

    Square tube unfoldable laundry cart

    HML-LC05 No wire, all made by square tube. Full PP sheet inside. Specially designed for laundry industry.
  • laundry cage

    Plastic lined laundry cage

    HML-LC01 Especially designed for laundry storage/transportation. 4 side double gate unit with plastic liner/plastic bag inside.

Here are 4 ways roll cages can help your business

1. Organization

Our full range of roller containers are designed to be moved around easily! Organizing and arranging stock in a warehouse or on the back of a lorry is made a lot easier, reducing human error and making your business more efficient.

2. Specialist Logistic Requirements 

Specific products may require specialist logistic requirements. Therefore we have the ability to create customized rolltainers that can be used in a variety of environments. So you have peace of mind knowing your stock is being transported in the correct conditions and the materials handling equipment you are using is fit for purpose.

3. Safe Transportation

Transporting awkward shaped or fragile items is a problem faced by many businesses. Ensuring items get from A to B in a safe and efficient manner is vital, which is why you should consider using our range of nestable security roll containers.

Made from high quality mild steels, the cages offer ultimate protection during transit, saving you money on replacing damaged goods.

4. Industry Specific

Working closely with a range of industries we ensure all our products are specific to each. With a team of expert technicians we are able to create customized trolleys that comply with relevant regulations. For example working with the food distribution market we ensure all roll cages created for this sector are compliant with current Health & Safety Food Legislations.

So there you go 4 ways roll containers can help your business flourish. For more information on all our supermarket roll cages and other materials handling equipment then feel free to give us a call on +86-411-83615995 or email us to sales@hmlpak.com and discuss your demands with our experts. 

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