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+86 411 8361 5995 Mon - Fri 08:30 - 18:00 Dalian, Liaoning Province, China
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About Huameilong

Who we are

About Huameilong

Huameilong is a leading China based and owned manufacturer of materials handling equipment

With more than 23 years manufacturing and trading experience in this sector, Huameilong aims to achieve customer satisfaction and strive to be a step ahead by implementing innovative techniques and technology in our day to day business activity.



Years of expertise has honed our personnel assuring Huameilong’s customers to rely on us for all their needs. We believe in productivity, integrity and team work hence assisting Dalian Huameilong Metal Products to gain an edge in the market.


Production workshop


Packaging workshop

Our vision:

Promote value for employees, create value for customers, contribute value to society.

Our Value:

Superior Quality builds the foundation, Efficient Service wins customer’s credit.

Our Service Philosophy: 

Respect Every Customer, Respect Facts and Truth, Respect Scientific Knowledge.

Corporation Responsibility: 

Maximize customer’s profit, Provide staff with successful career, Make contributions to the whole world.

Conduct Code:

Listen, Smile, Praise, Appreciate

Factory Facility

  • Factory Area: 34,000 sq.m
  • Production Capacity: 2,000 tons metal wire products per month
  • Export Quantity: Around max 100 containers per month in the year of 2017

Full automatic gantry point welding machine


Schlatter mesh welding machine

Pansonic robot welding machine

Facility Name Quantity Facility Name Quantity
Full automatic Gantry point welding machine 4 sets Wire drawing machine 3 sets
Panasonic Welding robot 3 sets Wire-straightening machine 31 sets
Schlatter mesh welding machine 1 sets Punching machine 18 sets
Semi-automatic point welding machine 4 sets Sheet-forming machine 3 sets
Semi-automatic Gantry point welding machine 3 sets Cutting machine 2 sets
Single-end point welding machine 19 sets Sand grind machine 1 sets
Wire drawing machine 7 sets CO2 welding machine 20 sets
Powder coating work line 1 sets    


Huameilong Won Many Factory Awards & Got Many Ceritificates Since 1993

Products categories

bUY HML Steel pallet for sale
Cage Pallet
Wire mesh decking
Wire container
Post pallets
Stillage cage
Roll container
Wire mesh container
Tire stacking rack

Industry application

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