All You Need To Know About a Collapsible Wire Container

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All You Need To Know About a Collapsible Wire Container

Is your business center searching for ways to improve productivity while maximizing efficiency? Getting the most out of your business performance is a constant challenge for many business owners, and it deals with many factors with wire container. 

Warehousing and logistics companies are composed of many warehouse operations. When it comes to storage and capacity, companies are monitoring the inventory because any mistake can halt the overall business performance. Let’s see what the statistics are showing regarding the expected storage and capacity and if there’s a need to invest with a smart collapsible storage container.


Storage and Capacity Statistics

According to ReportLinker, “Warehousing and storage capacity is expected to reach a value of nearly $646.77 billion by 2022, significantly growing at a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period.” (February 2020)

Accordingly, the growth in warehousing and storage is due to the rise in trade activity in emerging economies, particularly in China, and the increase in consumption of processed food products. Given that fact, HML Pak offers a robust, functional, and dependable collapsible wire mesh containers to meet your market storing needs.


A Quick Overview

Are you a warehouse manager or business owner in need of a storage solution for a cramped workplace? HML Pak got you all covered! The classic collapsible wire mesh containers are wisely designed in a mesh structure that makes them strong and durable. With a collapsible frame, 1200Lx1000Wx1250H in mm dimensions, and a capacity load of 1000kg, the W-10 will provide the operator with an easy-to-use storage container that’s durable and reliable.


Upgrade Your Storage Now

This collapsible wire containers can upgrade your existing storage system because of the specific feature it manifest. These traits will give you the reason to use these economic storage containers for your business today.

  • Space saver as containers can be folded when not in use.
  • Ideal for return journeys.
  • Made of Mild steel.
  • Stores large, medium, and small items.
  • Includes a half drop-down gate for easy access.
  • Contains a locking mechanism for security.
  • Provides open wire mesh frame for visual assessments.
  • Long-lasting and economical to use.


Accordingly, HML Pak offers excellent options for customers. Our collapsible wire mesh containers can also be equipped with several accessories like:


  • Your preferred designs 
  • Full drop gate
  • Dividers
  • Hinged or removable lid
  • Casters
  • Forklift guides
  • Runner bars
  • P.P. sheet or P.P. hollow sheet
  • Printed I.D. plates
  • Branded logo stickers 
  • Cardholders 


Elevate Your Expectations With HML Pak

When it comes to investing in the right container, surely your profit will rise. Here at HML Pak, we are passionate about giving exemplary service to our valued customers. It is our responsibility, as an innovative logistics and material handling solution provider to offer you the quality made wire container storage for your business needs.

Select your next set of collapsible storage containers today. If you have any questions or requests to customize your ideal container, please contact our team, either online or by phone at 86-150-4058-7228.


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