Boost Profit With Mesh Containers in 2020

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Boost Profit With Mesh Containers in 2020

When talking about warehouse profitability, every small aspect of business matters. From the smallest detail to the most relevant element in the industry, it all determines if the business is going to be profitable or not. The same goes for the warehouse and logistics industry. It’s not only the management, personnel, and products that matter but also the equipment and storage mesh containers being used. 

If you’d think about how businesses prosper financially, it is because of the resources and equipment they have invested in. Notably, this 2020, there’s a container that is built with technical specifications, guaranteeing an improvement to the business progress and staff productivity. Let’s uncover these wire mesh storage containers-EU Series!

Wire Mesh- EU Series

Wine Industry

With the increasing demand for wine bottle storage, there is a need for a suitable and perfect container. One of the mesh types of containers are the:

These wire mesh storage containers are the top choice as a storage solution for the wine industry. These cages are designed to approximately stack up to 4-6 high, allowing more space and money to save. So if you have a business specializing in the wine sector, a wire mesh containers is the best option this 2020. 

PET Preform Industry

PET preforms industry is anticipated to gain significant momentum as there are numerous advantages, including long service life, easy handling, and durability. Likewise, there is a need for a reliable storage and transportation solution. HML offers a wire containers that is fitted for the convenience of PET preform bottles & plastic caps use. 

  • Folded for the return journey.
  • An easier to transport back.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Lower returning cost.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, HML also offers a PET preform container that has a forklift on it. This container provides the following:

  • Easy loading/unloading
  • Proper ventilation 
  • Foldable
  • Reusable
  • High durability

Warehouse Storage Cage

Wine and PET Preform aren’t only the industries that can benefit from Huameilong metal products. The good thing is that HML offers a long-list of storage mesh containers that are extremely strong and effective to use as a storage solution for the material handling industry. These  types of containers are long-lasting and relatively maintenance-free. 

Getting More Profit

Truly investing with wire mesh containers this 2020 is another significant factor to boost productivity and warehouse profitability. By doing so, the business can gain a competitive edge among any other related business. When it comes to selecting the right containers for your business, Huameilong Metal Products are ready to discuss everything from the specifications down to any special request from clients. Want to discuss your needs?

Talk to our team by calling us on (86 0411 83686777) or send us your inquiry here.


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