Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers For Handling Bulk Material 

Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers For Handling Bulk Material 

Finding it hard to store bulk materials and products in your business sector? If you are searching for ways to improve productivity while maximizing efficiency, Huameilong Metal Products got it covered!  Making the best of your warehouse and supply potential is a relentless task for companies with warehousing and logistics applications. For storing bulk goods, collapsible wire mesh containers are the best choice. The collapsible wire container with lid, in particular, is lightweight and recyclable. Wire containers are long-lasting, compact, self-cleaning, and inexpensive.


wire mesh containers


Wire containers and collapsible wire mesh containers reduce the risk of costly products being damage. So, this can be used for bulk stacking while improving room management, stock detection, and material handling. 


Why HML?

HML got it all for you. From affordable wire containers for your choices, we provided welded wire containers, collapsible wire containers, galvanized wire mesh containers, and other hot-selling metal products that you’ll undoubtedly invest on!


Here at Huameilong Metal Products, we strive to offer our clients and logistics industry the best products. Fortunately, we provide wire storage containers, wire mesh containers, foldable wire containers, wire cages, wire shelving, wire mesh decking, cage pallets, roll containers, and collapsible wire containers. These are among the products that we provide. 


Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

Here is the ideal zinc-coated option for the warehouse or storage industry, of tremendous strength and longevity. HML wires’ classic collapsible wire mesh container have a mesh construction that makes them sturdy and long-lasting.


Almost no maintenance is needed for these containers. The collapsible features save a significant amount of space, which is extremely useful in any warehouse. So, get these cost-effective containers for your warehouse today and boost your business’s economy.


Features of Collapsible Wire Containers

  • When not in service, it saves more space, making it suitable for return trips.
  • It has half-hinged gate access.
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective material handling.
  • Excellent during stock inspections and offers full visibility to the items stored inside.
  • Fixed holding capacity and ideal for inventory control.


A Closer Look To Its Parts

  • Flat Clasp

It strengthens the connection of the wire container.

  • Latch Structure

Ensures that the doors can be opened when the wire containers are stacked. Thus, it is convenient to put in or grab out some items.

  • Limit Wire Structure

Guarantees stability when stacking the collapsible wire mesh container. 

  • Square Cup Foot

Serves as the special supporting leg structure of the wire mesh container for secure stacking.


Countless applications for collapsible wire mesh containers. Some of these applications include:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Supermarket and Retail Industry
  • Storage for Books
  • Recycling Industry
  • Transportation and Logistics containers


Start Right Away!

HML Pak promises to have the highest deal in the shortest time possible at a fair price. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your material processing and innovative storage needs. If you need a collapsible wire mesh containers, you’ve come to the right place!


Need help finding what you are looking for? Call our experts at 150-4060-8276.


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