COVID19: What Every Warehouse Can Do To Ensure Safety


COVID19: What Every Warehouse Can Do To Ensure Safety

The pandemic has changed the way every warehouse operates. Safety protocols and guidelines must keep in practice to keep the business back to its operation. Due to the critical nature of warehouses, distribution centers, and transportation companies, they are instructed to keep services going.

Workers are the backbone of the warehouse. They are the ones who keep the production efficiency and meet the rising demand of the economy. Aside from the workers, metal wire containers and other material handling equipment have a contribution. Some warehouses today apply automated material handling, which allows lesser effort by the human. This is a great way to lessen the transmission of the virus and keep workers safe. 

In this pandemic, what are the specific requirements to ensure safety to the whole team? HML Pak put together these five steps to help keep your employees safe and ensure that your company continues to deliver essential work.

Disinfect equipment and working area

As the virus travels fast, it is best to disinfect not only the area but also the containers used. According to David Sparkman, the virus can live on surfaces up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to three days on plastics and stainless steel surfaces. As the warehouse does have a lot of metal wire containers, steel storage containers, and cages, it is essential to increase the efforts in disinfecting. This is to ensure that the goods loaded inside those steel and metal wire container would also be safe to use by the consumers.

Limiting access to the facility

Warehouse owners may adjust the working hours of their personnel to ensure safety among the employees. Aside from that, interaction is also limited. Workers should adopt social distancing rules and abide by the management’s guidelines. It is also advisable to conduct temperature checks of employees arriving and departing the facility. You may also add a specific area wherein all the protective essentials are there. metal wire containers are excellent for storage option because it has open wire mesh designs which allow full visibility. As a result, an employee won’t have difficulty in finding where the essentials are stored. 

Personal hygiene requirements

Personal hygiene requirements for employees and the proper use of personal protective equipment is a must. Workers should wear gloves and use sanitizing media when working and after working. This is to ensure that they are protected while touching containers like steel and metal wire containers. Remind employees that the best way to prevent the spread of the illness is to regularly wash their hands and avoid touching their mouth, eyes, or nose. 


Although we are facing this pandemic and we are struggling with this kind of situation, proper communication shouldn’t be neglected. Business management must have a firm plan covering management, staff and associates, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, such as banks and investors. Because we are practicing social distancing, management may share it via email. This plan should include container storage status, updates, and plans for the future.


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