Demountable Post Pallets


Demountable Post Pallets

Pallets are common at most industrial worksites. Whether it’s a large and well-established company or a small startup. Pallets can be used to keep a stockroom or workshop clean, well-organized, and operating efficiently. Various types of materials and containers can be difficult to stack on pallets because of their unique dimensions and shape. In order to provide a solution for these situations, Huameilong introduces you a modified version of the traditional pallet, named post pallet, which can accommodate a wide variety of items commonly found in worksites and can also be easily stored away when it isn’t in use.

What Is the Purpose of Demountable Post Pallets?

Demountable post pallets are designed to provide the convenience of a traditional pallet. It also holding longer or awkwardly shaped items that are otherwise difficult to store. Keeping a workplace organized is important, as team members need access to the right materials to do the job. However, large containers can be difficult to work around when they aren’t in use. The posts on these pallets can be removed. These pallets can be neatly stacked on top of others when it isn’t needed.

Where Can This Product Be Used?

Post pallets can be used at any location where material and components with unique dimensions. These are used on a regular basis these posts allow pipes, tubing, large boxes, and other units with awkward dimensions to be neatly stored and retrieved quickly as needed. Not only can this help clean up a workplace, it can prove useful in even the smallest worksite. 4 removable corner posts allow the lower pallets to be stacked up for shipping or storage. When the pallet isn’t in use, the posts can be removed and the unit can be conveniently stored away. 

post pallet

Who Might Use This Product?

Stacking rack can be used by anyone who has ever dealt with a messy worksite due to traditional pallets being inefficient at storing certain materials. Even if space is not plentiful in a stockroom or industrial worksite. These pallets are capable being assembled quickly and put away just as fast. Versatile teams of workers who need a storage device that can be effective in multiple situations will find demountable post pallets very useful. 

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