Future Trends You Should Look Out From Automotive Industry

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Future Trends You Should Look Out From Automotive Industry

With the rise of technologies like robotics and the automotive industry performance with today’s future trends has seen significant changes in the last few years. The sector surges in growth and development. However, car dealers and manufacturers are doing their best to meet the clients’ standards. Also,  getting serious about their marketing and distribution.


According to the article by Hideaki Ishii San on 2nd Jun 2020, four major trends are shaping the automobile industry’s future. Let us discuss how these future trends will shape the automobile industry’s future and how we drive.


Remote-Oriented Innovation

Internet connectivity is a significant factor as to why the industry is reshaping. Some cars can communicate with other devices inside or even outside the vehicle. That only happens because of the “internet.” A connected car has a lot to offer, and it can complete many tasks. Accordingly, the system has the capacity to warn traffic holdups and suggest alternate routes. Also, car owners can remotely start the engine or remotely lock and unlock as well. This holds the future of the automotive industry. Isn’t that amazing?


Advanced Development

Many have a good image of their careers in the automotive industry, but let’s face that we are humans, and we sometimes make mistakes. That goes the same when driving. One major trend that everyone must lookout is autonomous technology that soon will arise. To further explain, a self-driving car is vehicles in which human drivers are not a requirement in taking control to operate safely. 


According to a Business Insider headline from 2016, “By 2020, 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road”. According to General Motors, Google’s Waymo, Toyota, and Honda proclaims that they’d be making self-driving vehicles by 2020.


Car Trend Ownership

Car sharing is one of the biggest trends nowadays. A survey conducted by Assurant presents that 66% of respondents. It has said that the trend would help them as they wouldn’t have to invest substantial money into owning a car. This trend is growing, and it can also be seen that the China automotive industry car-sharing market has approximately 30 active operators. However, according to statistics, there are some limitations to having shared ownership. It is expected that lack of availability of rural settings and sharing tends not to favor frequent commuting. Ultimately, it is also less attractive for running errands or multi stop trips. 


Electric Powered 

One of the world’s top problems is the rise of fossil fuels, which gradually affect the planet. Experts say that the e-vehicle market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR of 43.13 percent from 2019 to 2030. Ultimately, this trend says e-vehicle will solve this problem. 


What does the future hold?

Car manufacturing firms and dealers have noticed that necessary changes is in demand to create a more developed and efficient industry. There’s no question that our mobility habits will alter, and some are already happening. Some mega trends have started wide adoption, and it is a matter of time before the realization of others. This will only sum up that the future of the automotive industry holds many and excellent surprises. 


Image Link: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/automotive-and-assembly/our-insights/how-shared-mobility-will-change-the-automotive-industry


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