Get Acquainted With Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

Get Acquainted With Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

Do you know that mesh containers will help you streamline your logistics processes, increase efficiency, and maximize the most of your warehouse space? Steel and metal sheet components are used to make collapsible wire containers. The loading volume of storage containers ranges from 40 to 1000 kg. They can be used to store any object, and if minor information must be kept, bins can be filled with structured or solid PP sheets. Because of the galvanized lining, the collapsible wire mesh containers are more resistant to high humidity and temperature fluctuations.

collapsible wire mesh container

Advantages of Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

Here at Huameilong Metal Products, all of our material handling equipment and solutions represent:

  • guarantee of secure use
  • detailed control of revolving packaging, beginning with the idea of an ideal logistics carrier and continuing through manufacturing
  • distribution to the customer
  •  full mesh container maintenance facilities.


Increase productivity and saves time.

What methods do you use to conserve time? In less than 30 seconds, our mesh containers are folded and unfolded. The whole process of getting the container ready for use is very straightforward.


Our collapsible wire mesh container can also be used for automatic manufacturing lines, such as roller systems. They’re also capable of working for a variety of container emptying devices.


You optimize the limited warehouse space.

When it comes to moving storage locations, wire mesh storage can be piled and openly displaced. Stacking takes place depending on the container type. One of the essential features of collapsible wire mesh containers is their ability to fold, which helps them save space in the factory. They can also be used directly on high-stock racks without the need for extra shelves or pallets.


You minimize the costs of your company.

Wire containers are constructed from the best materials available. HML’s collapsible wire containers are non-destructible and can last a long time for our customers when correctly used, and they can last up to 15 years.

We also provide robust regeneration facilities, which lead to cost savings. 


You gain ecological solutions.

Our containers can be reused over and over again. It would help if you also opted for 100 percent recycling, which involves scrapping metal and re-granulating panels.


When it comes to collapsible storage containers, Huameilong Metal Products takes a clear but sound approach to deliver consumer benefits. They offer storage and material processing facilities to consumers that use them for specialized tasks. It’s not a matter of adjusting operations to equipment; instead, it’s a matter of adapting equipment to accommodate functions.


Please contact us by phone or email. Our staff will answer any question. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make you a competitive bid!


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