Get Your Cage Pallets Inspected

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Get Your Cage Pallets Inspected

Cage pallets and other material handling equipment are an integral part of warehouse operations and material storage. They are beyond useful in allowing workers to move loads around safely and quickly. However, damage can occur to each piece of equipment at any time, and it can compromise employees’ safety and production as well. 

No matter what type of business you manage or product you store, it is essential to have an inspection and maintenance plan in place for your metal cage pallets. Take a moment to browse the following safety tips for working around the warehouse using these metal products and ways to maintain your storage containers’ effectiveness.


cage pallet


What will happen to your business if a problem is not immediately addressed?

  • Serious injury or death
  • Higher insurance premiums, fines, and legal expenses
  • Product, equipment, and business loss
  • Expensive cleanup and replacement costs


Damaged Cage Pallets Can Easily Go Unnoticed

Damage to steel cage pallets and metal cage pallets are commonly caused by excessive loading capacity or traversing through the system. Some factors include high traffic around the area, narrow aisles, inadequate storage management, and stored product changes. These factors can put a higher risk of damage to the material handling equipment itself.


It is typical for a damaged cage or container to be left unnoticed because the casualty seems to be minor. But, this can also harm your business. Inspecting all your storage containers and cage pallets prevents accidents and damage from occurring. 


Inspections Can Help Reduce Liability

Safety in the workplace should be the greatest priority for companies and businesses. Why? Because when your equipment or products aren’t well-maintained, you risk not only the materials and employees but also your business. Moreover, your warehouse could be held liable for not resolving an unsafe condition.


Keep your cage pallet maintained by having an inspection as part of your facility’s planned maintenance. The following mentioned below are some of the practices you can apply.

  • Develop a pallet inspection program.
  • The load should be centered and not out of balance.
  • Secure the entire load with shrink-wrap or banding.
  • Don’t stack cage pallets too high as it can cause the whole pile to fall over.
  • Always know the load limit of the pallets.
  • Conduct any follow-up queries or double-check the equipment.
  • Ensure more significant aisle space.
  • Don’t use cage pallets on uneven surfaces or areas with debris, wood chips, or pebbles.

Now that you already know what to do before using a cage pallet and its safety practices, you should also know what kind of cage pallets to get. Here are some of the key features to look at before placing an order:

  • The cage pallet material must be wire-made and finished with zinc, hot-dip galvanized, or powder coat.
  • The storage container should be ideally stacked up to 4 levels high, carrying up to 800 kg.
  • Metal lid gate for theft protection and the half-drop front opening is advisable for easy accessibility and inventory checking.
  • It must be fully collapsible and demountable that can be folded flat to save space upon storage.
  • It should come in different sizes to fit the requirements of any business. 
  • Go for cage pallet manufacturers that offer Printed I.D plates, branded logo stickers, and cardholders. 


Investing in metal cage pallets contributes to the company’s progress as well as staff safety. However, make sure that you have the best practices when handling these cages. More importantly, a well-maintained cage pallet and warehouse safety plan can prevent injuries and save lives!


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