Heavy Duty Stackable Nestainers: What You Need To Know?

Stackable Nestainers

Heavy Duty Stackable Nestainers: What You Need To Know?

Huameilong Metal Products’ Nestainer Stackable Storage Racks are the versatile answer to your ever-changing storage, handling, or transporting needs, allowing materials to move through your entire production process all on the same rack. Our stack racks can fit even irregularly shaped components that can’t normally be stacked. The vertical poles allow units to be stacked up to six high without causing product crush damage by preventing load-on-load contact.


Stackable nestainer racks keep your cargo safe while being handled, stacked, and shipped. We exclusively provide more excellent stacking stability over wooden pallets while maintaining weight capabilities at HML Pak. Portable racks may also be removed for easy and compact storage when not in use. Accordingly, our design experts have also designed solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including wire coils, automobile parts, tires, textiles, and more.


High-Grade Nestainers For Your Operations

HML Pak offers a highly configurable nestainer that can easily switch from one rack arrangement to another. This is to accommodate your workflow while avoiding the costs of installation and disassembly, which is a flexible racking option not available with traditional racks.


Nestainer Racks Benefits

  • Safe, secure, and simple stacking.
  • They’re one-of-a-kind in that they’re all welded racks that can be nested or stacked.
  • Increased storage space utilization and can stack up to 4 high.
  • Improved labor and equipment efficiency by allowing items and products to be transferred and stored without handling them again.
  • When they’re not stacked, they’re meant to nest within one another to conserve space.
  • They have more versatility in terms of handling and storage. They nest when not in use, turning storage space into usable floor space.
  • It protects items from being lost due to compression damage from stacking top products.
  • OEM, ODM support (Crossbar, Wire Mesh, Steel plate), and different sizes and designs upon request.


They may also be relocated throughout the warehouse to use any available space or meet current requirements. They store flat and stacked when not in use with the pins removed, taking up very little storage space. Furthermore, because our stackable nestainer racks can be stacked 4-6 high, they enable vertical storage, allowing businesses to make use of their building’s height.


Get it from the most trusted company now!

Are you wondering where to get this sought-after product? HML Pak got you covered! We have the most professional practices, and our team has vast experience in exporting throughout the world. We only provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. 

If you want assistance in determining the appropriate option for your application, please contact us. Please get in touch with one of our friendly sales professionals, and we would be delighted to assist you. All you need to do is to send an inquiry now!


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