HML Wire Mesh Decking: Is It Worth An Investment?

wire mesh decking

HML Wire Mesh Decking: Is It Worth An Investment?

When designing a pallet racking system for a distribution center, one thing to consider is the extra support. If you already have beams on the racks, it will be safer to add additional help with wire mesh decking. Many warehouses are now using these welded wire mesh decks because of the material handling and installation’s versatility. Why is wire mesh decking essential? Probably, that is one of the intriguing questions to answer. If you are new to this industry, you will not merely understand it. That is why Huameilong Metal Products will do it for you. 

wire mesh decking

What do I need to know?

When it comes to warehouse safety, wire mesh decking for pallet racking solution is the best way you need to focus on. As many industries continually provide the best storage and logistics operations, one must not forget what product to choose from. 


Whether you are loading full pallets or hand stacking small things on the pallet rack, HML Pak’s wire mesh decking gives the most strength and versatility to every application while meeting the requirements.


Top Advantages of Wire Decking

  • Wire decking offers easy management and visualization of the products on the pallet racks. 
  • The grid-type laminate is firm and has a strong bearing capacity. Accordingly, this is a more convenient way to clean the storage of bulk cargo.
  • The wire mesh decks are directly placed between the beams on your pallet racking. Hence, the installation will be more comfortable, and the workers will have fewer worries. 
  • The installation of network-type laminate does not need any tools but can be directly placed between the beams.
  • Wire mesh decking for pallet racks has a laminated screen design. Hence, the laminated screen will prevent the objects from falling.
  • Wire mesh decks are more robust and safer than wood or solid metal.
  • HML provides customization options. 
  • Wire decks distribute the full weight products across the beams. Hence, this will add sturdiness to the fullest.
  • The light reflective qualities of the wire decking will brighten the entire facility.


Let us know what you need. 

There are many reasons why wire mesh decking for pallet racking is the best solution to your cramped pallet racking. If you are interested, give it a try now! Here at HML Pak, we maintain and provide the best material handling every business needs. If you have a specific requirement for your wire mesh decking for pallet racking, we can help you. 


Just tell us what you need and if you have any inquiries about our metal products, contact us or send us an email at We will surely make our wire mesh decking will suit your needs and other criteria.


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