HML’s Stillage Cage for Auto Industry

Stillage Cage

HML’s Stillage Cage for Auto Industry

It’s time to source more smartly! The warehouse galvanised stillage cage is mostly used in the automobile industry for medium to heavyweight materials such as brake discs, radiators, and other automotive components. If you are just starting in that industry, you should get enough stillages for your business to boom! 

The galvanised stillage cage from HML Pak is a great addition to any warehouse, providing a secure and efficient way to move and store parts. But before that, let’s answer this question: What is a stillage?

Mild steel Q235 is used to construct our metal stillage, which is zinc-plated or powder-coated. It features mesh sides and a base supported by corrugated sheet steel. It’s used for separating and transporting items, such as moving them across a production floor or assisting in the shipping of commodities. 

Stillages can help your company save time by decreasing the time it takes to load and unload items during transit to shops, auto industry warehouses, or end-users. The stillages are suitable storage options as single units or inside a selective pallet racking structure, and they may be moved by forklift or pallet truck.

A great storage solution!

Even when stacked, the stillage cage has front and rear-hinged gates that may be removed and opened for easy access. Here are some of the major advantages that your automobile firm may benefit from:


  • Heavy duty (load from 800kg to 1000kg)
  • Wire mesh sides and sheet metal base
  • Fully collapsible, stackable
  • Quickly moved around by forklift or pallet trolley, even when fully loaded


Advantages of getting our metal stillage today!

Stillages are the finest space-saving alternative, in addition to being sturdy. The stillage cage is cost-effective, durable, and practical. It has a pallet-size foundation, front and rear-hinged gates, and a cage floor made of galvanised sheet metal that can be offered as an alternative. Stillages can also be tailored to your company’s specific requirements.


Huameilong Metal Products offers a variety of choices to help you design a product that meets the demands of your business and workers, whether you need more flexibility in your automotive industry or shops for better storage or more secure transportation.


Why choose stillages by HML?

Huameilong Metal Products’ team has over 25 years of manufacturing experience and 15 years of trading in this sector. Our industry experts have developed a wide range of storage and transportation solutions that meet the needs of a broad customer base, including those in the retail, supermarket manufacturing, FAB industry, PET preform, laundry sector, automotive sectors, and many more.


You can see every stillage and the customizable options we offer here. If you require any more answers or assistance, or if you want something more bespoke to suit your own needs, then don’t hesitate to give us a call at +86-15040608276 or send us an email at


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