How To Work Safely With The Best Rolling Containers

rolling containers

How To Work Safely With The Best Rolling Containers

As the UK report prepared by the HSE Institute, improper use of rolling containers is the root cause of many accidents. An estimated 20% of the accidents happen in supermarket operations. On the other hand, distribution companies got 35%. 

As industries continue to expand, will they get a higher ROI, or will their business close? Fortunately, HML is here to help you work safely with material handling equipment, specifically, the roll containers. Here are some of the essential safety tips to apply, whether you’ve been already using rolling containers or planning to purchase them for your warehouse.

roll containers

Loading and unloading safety

Employees must secure when they load or unload the items. According to experts, a high rate of loading and unloading causes injuries and will only harm the warehouse operations’ efficiency. Moreover, to maintain the quality of the roll containers, one must handle them with care. Observe safety precautions before any execution. 


Secure it with fastening straps

How will you safely move the container around the warehouse along with the stored items on it? A great way to transport the containers is to use fastening straps. Use fastening straps and accessories to secure and strengthen goods inside the roll container. Also, the container must be stabilized and maintain the loading capacity before moving the container. 


Look our for slopes and rough area

This safety tip #3 says to look out for rough and sloped surfaces around the warehouse. Carelessly moving the nestable containers without knowing the surface may only incur damages and loss to the business. A tip from HML is to slowly move the container that contains heavy items to avoid it from tipping over.


Wheels as a point of contact

Rolling containers with wheels are the best solution every business could ever have. The wheels of the rolling cages travel smoothly across the warehouse, facility, stores, and factories. However, look out for the damaged wheels as it may only cause friction that may affect the whole unit. To be sure, do the regular maintenance of all your metal products to avoid accidents.


Do not overload containers

Overloading is a real problem—one of the main reasons why overloading happens because employees want to get the job done faster. As a smart storage solution company, this action should never be done. Always comply with the capacity limits, and be sure to put the heavy items below. Here at HML Pak, our best roll containers are specially designed to carry a loading capacity of up to 500 kg. 


Other safety tips from HML Pak:

  • Always use two hands while holding containers. 
  • Grab the container from the swivel castor’s side.
  • Always do a pre-check on the container. See to it that there are no dirt and foils.
  • Workers should wear protective gloves and shoes. 
  • Ensure a clean and level floor.
  • Use only tested and safe rolling containers.


Achieve High ROI For Your Company

If you have already decided to purchase a container for your industry, Huameilong Metal Products is here to help you! We have specific containers that will fit your industry’s needs. Plus! HML’s best roll containers are ergonomically designed for easy maintenance and high resistance to weathering conditions. 


Contact our representative now and see for more roll container products!



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