How Will Wire Mesh Decks Helps Your Warehouse

wire mesh decks

How Will Wire Mesh Decks Helps Your Warehouse

Looking for reliable and safe material handling for your warehouse is one thing that ignites business owners. In fact, they want equipment that eliminates safety issues and will provide a cost-effective solution to the supply chain. Many manufacturing sectors wish to have a strong pallet racking system or wire mesh decks that can hold each item stored or placed on it for warehouse application.

As a leading supplier based in China, Huameilong Metal Products thrive to attain success by providing a cost-effective material handling solution that every warehouse and distribution center can benefit from. If you are looking for equipment to add to your pallet racking system, HML’s wire mesh decking is here!


wire mesh decking


Wire Mesh Decking For Pallet Racking

One of the popular options yet forgotten pallet racking accessories is wire mesh decking. Wire mesh decks are safe, secure, and stable, increasing warehouse operations‘ safety and efficiency. Accordingly, because of its specifications, it has been mandated that warehouses must adapt to it as it meets the fire safety code levels and OSHA standards. 



HML’s wire mesh deck is designed with an open-weave structure that displays a durable metal. Although there are different types of wire mesh decks, they directly fit between or over the pallet rack’s support beams. Moreover, mesh decking from HML help distributes weight across the support beams that make it stronger and safer than the other material handling. 



There are different types of wire decking offered by HML. Accordingly, step channel and flare channel decks support step beams on pallet racking. As being said, these metal products from HML protect the items stored on the pallet rack. In other words, they are the safety net for businesses. Without this equipment, it can be challenging to load and unload the beams inside the warehouse. Furthermore, it can potentially harm your assets that will hugely cost your business. 



Compared to traditional equipment like cardboards, wire mesh decking provides greater support on the surface to support the pallet racking system’s beams. Aside from that, it has an increased versatility by allowing a warehouse to store more than just pallets. 


Moreover, HML’s wire mesh decking helps catch anything that falls from the pallets. Accordingly, this will prevent lost products and spills to the floor. If you are ready to have a wire mesh deck in your warehouse, HML guarantees that wire decks are maintenance-free and easy to install.


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If you believe that HML’s wire mesh decking should be a part of your pallet racking setup, make sure to purchase it from a renowned material handling manufacturing company. Huameilong Metal Products can help you with your varying needs. Aside from that, we can provide you with custom sizes that will meet your specific warehouse needs. 


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