How Wire Mesh Decking Solves Warehouse Problems

wire mesh decking

How Wire Mesh Decking Solves Warehouse Problems

Warehouses often face the challenge of maximizing performance while balancing trade-offs under uncertain conditions. That is mainly because of their storage management, warehouse layout, processes, and inaccurate inventory.  Furthermore, both safety and security present a bigger problem in the picture. Accordingly, various industries and companies strive to look for a solution to resolve the issue quickly. Here at HML Pak, as a smart storage solution provider, we are eager to help businesses implement good storage management by providing a quality material handling solutionConsequently, HML’s wire mesh decking solutions can quickly solve this issue by reinforcing this material handling to every warehouse. If you’d like to know more about this excellent mesh decking support for pallet racking system, continue reading this article. 

wire mesh decking

How Does Wire Mesh Decking help?

The use of wire decking is a great source that can be used for shelving for your pallet racking system. What’s more impressive about this metal product is the capability to be installed in cool rooms and freezers. In fact, the Food and Beverage (FAB) and retail industries are also using this for their storerooms. 


As said earlier, inventory checking presents a concern to some. That is because some warehouses have poor storage management. Using this wire decking saves time and increases productivity by improving stock handling, storage and identification.


Advantages of Wire Mesh Decking

Safety is Ensured

Gone are the days where safety and security in the warehouse were ignored. Investing in wire mesh decking has welded supports that can increase the weight stored on the racking system. Plus! The edge of the wire mesh decks is designed to fit on the racking beams. Moreover, using HML’s welded wire mesh decking helps the warehouse avoid some risks, including board collapse.


Install at Ease

Another excellent quality of wire mesh decking is the easy installation process. Employees don’t need expensive tools to install this material handling. Hence, a person can directly put the wire decking smoothly into the desired position. Furthermore, a high-quality wire decking from Huameilong Metal Products is usually powder coated and made with mild steel material to eliminate possible corrosion. 



Just like any other material or equipment, wire mesh decking can also be customized. Huameilong Metal Products offers customization options to every metal product. Wire mesh decks come in two options from HML. The available style of mesh panels is the F-channel and U-channel wire mesh decking. Moreover, mesh decking panels can be manufactured to take weights from 300Kg to 1000Kgs.


Improved Inventory Visibility

Inventory stocks can be grueling when used with board shelves. Fortunately, HML Pak’s wire mesh decks benefit the business as it allows to keep track of the products stored on the racks only.


Take note: For customization options, HML will base on loading capacities, equipment used, load handling, and other criteria.


Do you want to learn more about wire mesh decking?


Huameilong Metal Products has a wide range of wire decking product options and would be very happy to advise you on the best solution for your needs. Alternatively, for quality material handling solutions, check out the other metal products that we offer. 


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