Major Industries That Are Using Stillages 


Major Industries That Are Using Stillages 

Nowadays, due to the e-commerce boom, industries are working double time. It is because large companies also have high demand. And when we think about it, having a high demand means having more outputs. Therefore, a specific container or stillages that is intended to carry and separate goods is needed. Fortunately, HML Pak got you covered!

HML Pak stillage containers are made of steel and are usually designed and manufactured for separating and carrying goods. It is like a pallet with a cage specifically tailored to the material it is intended to transport. Having this type of container helps the business and provide a great solution to storage requirements. Why? This stillage can maximize the floor space and can be stacked up to 4 levels high with 150 units each.

Accordingly, many industries can use this storage container. Those businesses can be from the hospital, mailing, hotel, or beverage industry. The right choice of the stillage cage and the proper usage can simplify work in these places and help the above-stated industries grow. Let us see how:


In the hospital setting, a lot of things need to be accommodated to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the area. When it comes to storage solutions, they have specific needs. Hospitals do have items that are not intended for the public. Vaccines, first aids, mattresses, sharp objects, and many other things need to be appropriately stored. Another thing is that accessibility and visibility is also a concern for a hospital. Since stillage has an open mesh structure, staff will have easy access to inventory. The drop-down access gate allows easy access to the base, even when stacked.

Hence, storage management and cleanliness can be achieved through HML Pak’s stillages container and cages. 

Hotel Industry

As the hotel industry continuously grows, what’s often left behind is the storage space. Hotels require a lot of care and concern when it comes to storing materials like pillow covers, towels, etc. Therefore, having the right solution can help you to save more space. Whether it is storing your cleaning products for hotel rooms, we have a solution that is ideal for hotel and hospitality management.

Stillage containers are beneficial when keeping up more space. These containers can also accommodate wines. The cage may be used in food products such as bread products, and breakfast cereals. Additionally, all the goods and stuff are protected, while ensuring that things are accessible to the staff. The container also offers an easy setup and breakdown, which means that it can be assembled in a minute with no tool required. Ultimately, having the right container means generating more profit in return. 

Post and Parcel Industry

Post and parcel industries are also facing an increasingly challenging environment. Incumbents are under threat, and the industry is ripe for disruption. With this, specific concerns need to be addressed. One primary care is storage management. When it comes to packaging and delivering parcels, there are a lot of things to be taken care of.

HML Pak’s stillage  containers and cages are ideally suited to a variety of logistics and warehousing applications. The container can save more space when not in use. It can contribute to the logistics operation to the business allowing more ROI.

These are some of the top industries that could benefit when using these stillages and metal stillage cages. If you want to know more about our products, contact HML Pak today! You can fill up the online form on our website, or you can directly contact us. 

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