Mobile Racking Helps Every Square Metre of Storage Space

mobile racking

Mobile Racking Helps Every Square Metre of Storage Space

Have you decided to relocate your logistics operations to a new warehouse? Or do you want a versatile storage system for big items? How do you deal with the urgent requirement to locate storage space for items during peak production periods? The primary goal of every warehouse is to store things efficiently. It is critical to maximizing available space to enhance production and profitability in this sector.


Many firms nowadays prefer a movable pallet racking solution. To maximize advantages, each warehouse owner employs a unique approach to meet the demands of their business. So, here are some of the benefits and some typical issues that may occur while selecting whether to purchase stackable steel racks.


What are mobile pallet racks?

Mobilerack, often known as post pallet, is a rectangular-base stackable steel rack. Pallet racking allows for the rapid and easy construction of a storage structure by utilizing galvanized metal bases and various brackets of varying lengths. The innovative design of post pallets will enable you to rapidly create a racking facility for pallets, tanks, or tires and fold away to conserve space when needed.


Where are they used?

Post pallets are highly valued in warehouses and are frequently used for semi-permanent storage. They are used for storage and transportation, particularly of more extensive, bulkier objects. Because it is used to hold unevenly sized goods, this form of racking adjusts to the demands of the warehouse. Mobile rack systems are commonly used to store and move larger, bulkier products, such as those that are already on wooden pallets or plastic boxes.


Pallet racking that saves space is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics


Increase Storage Space?

You may modify the entire layout of your warehouse to make it more space-efficient by using post pallet racking. The vertical storage arrangement allows for space efficiency. More storage capacity increases your business earnings since you have more room in your warehouse to keep more items and goods.


When a high storage capacity is required, portable stacking racks are perfect for conserving space. Post pallets may be stacked up to four levels high, making them suitable for items that would take up too much floor space otherwise. A forklift truck can conveniently store and move pallet racking.


Safely Store Items

The pallet racking system ensures the safety of warehouse personnel. The pallet racks are composed of high-quality galvanized steel, which is an important characteristic. The racks are galvanized, which inhibits rust formation, makes them scratch-resistant, and makes them more robust. Notably, the pallet rack’s capacity is determined by the length of the spacer tubes. The racking ensures balance and safety during loading due to the particular design specifications and dimensions.


Freely Adapted To Warehouse 

Pallet racking’s practical design makes the most use of available space, regardless of size. This is clear from the customizing choices. Mobile rack storage racks are made up of a carrier base and various upright tubes of varying diameters. These allow for the quick and flexible building of your storage racks. You may adjust the size of your racking to the flow of your presently stored items.


Peak season or overproduction?

Extra storage space is required when your firm has long manufacturing times or a large number of orders. When your firm requires post pallets the most, you may rent them. We offer a large quantity of racking, making it the ideal option for seasonal demand or spikes in traffic. 


Do you have an interest in mobile storage racks? Do you want to purchase stackable steel storage racks in greater quantities? Please fill out the form or give us a call, and our experts will advise you on the best options for your sector.


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