Organizing Your Workshop

Organizing You Workshop

Organizing Your Workshop

An organized workspace is an efficient one. And although that idea seems simple enough, there are many workshops throughout the world that are unorganized with equipment and supplies in disarray. Whether it is tools, materials or personal items, there is always a solution to keep everything in its place and organizing it to next level . But what about the rest of the workshop? Shouldn’t everything be kept organized if the workshop is to remain effective?

If organization is key to an effective and efficient workshop, then Toyota is the locksmith. They created a system of five principles known as the “5 S’s” which was designed to be used by any organization to keep their workspace cleaner and more organized. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 S’s and learn more about how you can have a well organized workshop that is more productive.

warehouse storage


Anything that is not needed in the workspace should be either removed or stored in shelving units, lockers or specialized bins.

Set in Order: 

Everything that is needed in the work area should have a designated spot and all employees should be aware of this. Having equipment and supplies assigned to specific shelves or containers is important to workspace efficiency.


The workspace is kept clean and looking new. This includes touching up paint regularly, polishing metal tables, racks and other surfaces and replacing equipment that is broken.


Standardizing procedures such as housekeeping and preventive maintenance will also ensure the workspace looks new and operates effectively.


This step requires employees to ensure that the procedures are followed keeping the workspace clean, organized and functional.

If you are going to commit to the Five S’s principles. You will need to ensure you have adequate storage solutions for your materials, products and equipment. Contacting a storage solution company that carries a wide range of products. It is capable to help businesses stay organized and promotes organizing better is the first step.

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