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Collapsible wire container with casters

What we offer

Collapsible wire container with casters

The collapsible wire container with casters is an economical, collapsible container for storing and transporting products. Because it is built with a mesh structure, stored products are easily visible. It is also extremely easy to clean, besides being very well ventil.
Model No.:HML-F21
Exterior Dimension:1168L×850W×988H mm
Grid Size:50×110 mm
Loading Capacity:400 kg
Available accessorieswheels, forklift guide, runner bar, security lid, divider, etc.
Application area
Why Huameilong

✔ Good product visibility: open wire mesh for full visibility for inventory checks, ventilation and cleaness

✔ Vertical storage: stack up to 4 high, use more floor space

✔ Save storage space & lower returning cost: fully folded when not in use

✔ Easy setup & breakdown: assemble in a minute by simple steps

Optional accessories to create a complete storage system:

Tags, labels, card holders

Forklift guide, runner bars, security lid, casters, divider

Custom colors, custom feet, custom sizes

OEM, ODM support

Warehouse, Logistic, Recycling, PET Preform, Agricultural industry, etc.

Mild steel Q235 construction

Finished in colorful powder coating, zinc plated and hot dip galvanized

ESTABLISHED for over 23 years

TRUSTED by customers nationalwide

NEW & ADVANCED equipment available

SPECIAL DESIGN to your requirements

ONE STORAGE SERVICE from manufacture to delivery

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Other Optional Accessories to Create a Complete Storage System



Allows for easy movement of containers without the use of a forklift
wire mesh container

Security Lid

Secure for parts in storage or transit
wire mesh container


A quick solution to mobilize containers without interfering stackability
Wire container - divider


Front-to-back or left-to-right, for multiple products to be stored in one container

What Customers Say

  • Yes it has arrived. The quality is good! We will definitely promote you here.
    Thank you

    Khan Mohammad
  • I want to congratulate you on the excellent service. This quality control sheet means a lot to us. You have exceeded in your capacity to make sure it is right.

    Well done and thank you.

    Greg Archer
  • The post pallets have arrived !!!! They are FAB!!

  • This is to confirm that Huameilong has been design Preform cage for Coca-cola BIG China since 2013 and became Group Recommend Supplier since 2014.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great effort in continually improve quality and service.

    Sugi Gao

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