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Industrial Manufacturing

Markets we supply
HML steel stacking pallet manufacuter

Huameilong’s products can support your smooth and lean production flow as well as efficient warehousing of components, work-in-process (WIP) and end products. They also fulfil critical needs regarding automation compliance.

Products To Suit Your Market

Huameilong Metal pallets manufacturer

Metal pallets

HML-1513, 2000kg loads, double face.
Galvanized steel pallet

Heavy duty steel pallet

HML-1210, single face, 1500kg loads, 4-way forklift access
stacking rack

Stacking rack

HML-M1 - “C” channel on base, load 1500kg, hot dip galvanized, forklift guide can be added
steel stacking racking

Steel stacking racking

HML-M2 - “C” channel on base, with forklift guide, easy and safe to move around, load 2000kg, hot dip galvanized
wire roll container

Wire roll container

HML-BY07 - Square base, two demountable panels. Ergonomic and easy to handle due to its light weight construction

Products categories

bUY HML Steel pallet for sale
Cage Pallet
Wire mesh decking
Wire container
Post pallets
Stillage cage
Roll container
Wire mesh container
Tire stacking rack

Markets we supply

food & beverage indurty solution
Huameilong warehouse storage
HML roll cage
mesh container for wine storage

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As a manufacturer, Huameilong has a wide and varied product catalogue. This means that not all our products are stocked however can be made to order.

There generally is a minimum order quantity which varies from each non stock item. To find out more please complete our quick contact form.