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Laundry Industry

Markets we supply

Full range of laundry roll trolleys for transporting, collecting, sorting and delivery of linens for industrial laundry and hospital laundry. The quality of our professional roll container is also found in our textile manufacturing and assembly expertise. A variety of complementary products to laundry roll cage trolleys is available to you : inside or outside protection casings for clothes, sheets, laundry bags, washing nets, straps, slings etc.

Products To Suit Your Market

laundry cage

Plastic lined laundry cage

HML-LC01 Especially designed for laundry storage/transportation. 4 side double gate unit with plastic liner/plastic bag inside.
laundry cart

Square tube unfoldable laundry cart

HML-LC05 No wire, all made by square tube. Full PP sheet inside. Specially designed for laundry industry.
Security roll container

Security roll container

HML-BY10 - Four sided nesting “A” frame, with top lid. Its tight mesh design makes it also the perfect anti-theft unit
warehouse roll cages

Warehouse roll cages

HML-BY09 - “A” frame design allow nesting when not in use, reducing space, great for reverse logistics
roll cage trolley

Roll cage trolley

HML-BY08 - Three sided nesting “A” frame. Ideally suited for internal transport of goods with or without pallet trucks
wire roll container

Wire roll container

HML-BY07 - Square base, two demountable panels. Ergonomic and easy to handle due to its light weight construction
a frame roll container

A frame roll container

HML-BY05 -- Four sided nesting “A” frame, with top lid. Anti-theft design, most used for securing high-added-value product transportation and sensitive product storage

Products categories

bUY HML Steel pallet for sale
Cage Pallet
Wire mesh decking
Wire container
Post pallets
Stillage cage
Roll container
Wire mesh container
Tire stacking rack

Markets we supply

industrial manufacturing solution
food & beverage indurty solution
Huameilong warehouse storage
HML roll cage
mesh container for wine storage

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