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Warehouse Storage

Markets we supply

HML recognises that our customers within this market sector require materials handling equipment that is able to cope with a huge variety of products, whilst being durable enough to withstand the rigours of a demanding supply chain.

Except the standard products like wire container, roll cage, steel pallet and tire rack, etc. we have now, HML can provide professional expertise and advice to our customers on the development and design of new and existing materials handling equipment.

Products To Suit Your Market

Tire stacking rack

Tire stacking rack

HML-W6060 - for passenger and light tires, hold 4 or 5 stacks of 7 or 8 tires, 4 removable posts
Tyre rack

Tyre rack

HML-W7272 - for passenger and light truck tires with bottom wire mesh and forklift guide, hold 6 to 9 stacks of 7 to 9 tires
Tire storage rack

Tire storage rack

HML-WUTR -- for rims and small tires used on vehicles, eg ATVs, lawn tractors, golf carts. Hold 8 or 9 wheels per row
metal tire rack

Metal tire rack

HML-WTFR - specifically designed for heavy truck, bus and OTR tires. Hold 8 tires measuring up to 44” in outside diameter
collapsible wire mesh container

Collapsible wire mesh container

HML-W1 - 1030L*840W*850H mm, mesh 50*50mm, max load 1300kg
Mesh decking

Mesh decking for Box/Document storage

Suitable for archive box storage, documents, cartons and small parts
storage tire rack

Storage tire rack

HML-WHD - for stacked storage of tires for heavy trucks, bused and farm machinery. Hold 2 stacks of 6 or 7 tires
heavy duty tire rack

Heavy duty tire rack

HML-WSR - shipping rack, designed to move large numbers or load them into trailer. A 53-foot truck can hold 28 racks
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Products categories

bUY HML Steel pallet for sale
Cage Pallet
Wire mesh decking
Wire container
Post pallets
Stillage cage
Roll container
Wire mesh container
Tire stacking rack

Markets we supply

industrial manufacturing solution
food & beverage indurty solution
HML roll cage
mesh container for wine storage

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