Post Pallet and Nestainer

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M1

      No matter how many units you want to store your products, you can stack up pallets in your way. The post pallet is also called “manurack,” which is made carefully chosen steel, which is ideal for storing large bulky items and palletized cargo. The post pallet is widely used by industries like automotive, textile, wood, metal, tire and, many more. For warehouse with limited space, this is the best choice! Arrange all the stuff in your warehouse in an arranged manner with the help of this classic post pallet.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M2

      HML’s sturdy steel stacking rack will efficiently shape your warehouse. This rack is a one-time investment, which holds a 1500 kg of loading capacity. Our classic steel rack is also free from all the problems like rusting and corrosion. Using this vertical tubes, we can arrange pallet into a stack for about 4 high. This is fully collapsible and has removable arms, which will result in the easy installation of goods in your warehouse.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M4

      For a fast, easy, and efficient storage solution, a stacking rack is an answer. The stacking rack can be mantled and dismantled according to your requirements, which are ideal for temporary warehouse racking and peak periods. Hence, this rack is more convenient to use and can bear heavy loads that occupy less floor space. This is designed to stack up to 4 high to maximize space and reduce shipping cost, therefore saving money. Other sizes and designs are also available.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M5

      Stack the goods efficiently and neatly using this stacking pallet. Compared to wooden pallets that have heavyweights involved, these stacking pallets are lighter allows you to stack for about 4 to 6 high. It can also accommodate 1000 kg with ease and efficiency. Stacking pallets are quite easy to handle, which motivates a healthy working environment. Our racks eliminate storage space when not in use and lower freight costs by returning more empty pallets. Hence, there is no extra maintenance required with this rack.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M6

      Huameilong offers big bags for your racks. The big-bag structure is completely galvanized with a cold electrolytic process that is easy to dismantle and is stackable, which takes up less space. Our big bag rack is suitable to hold 1000 liters of big bags. It is an indispensable accessory for the filling, handling, and overall logistical management of all types, providing complete safety for workers.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-NR1302

      Nestainer storage racks combine efficiency, flexibility, and safety into one versatile rack system. Nestainers can stack heavy objects in high places and store them in multiple layers. When not in use, nestainer racks nest away—converting storage space back into usable floors. Also, it allows visual inspection of the stored product and permits easy material segregation.

      This rack also helps you save large cargo items with a loading capacity of 1000 kg. Using this rack eliminates double handling, reducing overall material handling costs.

    • Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-TR2

      The amazing stackable rack for your textile industry is here! Fabric and textile stacking racks make warehouse storage easy. When not in use, this can be collapsed and use less than 10% of its original space. These textile stackable racks also improve organization in the warehouse because they make it possible to see its inventory at a glance without digging through piles or unloading the shelves. They save time and boost efficiency.

      Also, they contribute to reducing labor costs and eliminate damages. Since these racks are portable, they can be loaded directly onto a truck with the loading capacity of 1100 kg for the delivery without removing the product from the rack.

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