Post Pallet and Nestainer – HML-M2

HML’s sturdy steel stacking rack will efficiently shape your warehouse. This rack is a one-time investment, which holds a 1500 kg of loading capacity. Our classic steel rack is also free from all the problems like rusting and corrosion. Using this vertical tubes, we can arrange pallet into a stack for about 4 high. This is fully collapsible and has removable arms, which will result in the easy installation of goods in your warehouse.

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Main Features

√ Ideal for storing long items & palletized cargo √ Cup feet – easy & stable stacking √ Forklift guide design: easy and safe to move around √ Vertical storage: stack up to 4 high, best storage solutions for warehouse, storerooms with limited space √ Fully collapsible: removable arms – save space when not in use & lower freight costs for return journeys


M2-Base (Ext. Dim.) 1875x1060x310 mm
M2-Post (Ext. Dim.) 1200x60x2.5 mm
Safe working load 1500 kg
Stackability 4+2 high
Loaded units / 40HQ 150
Finish Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat
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