Tire Rack – HML-WTBR

Tyre stillage is equipped with four removable corner posts to reduce shipping costs and save space in the tire warehouse. It can rearrange floor space quickly and simply than pallet racking. With a load-bearing capacity of 1100kg, multiple tires can be placed. It regains 80% storage space when folded and can stack 4-5 layers when used. This is an open racking system. It thus offers complete visibility. Tires from this rack can be easily accessed.

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Main Features

√Economical tire storage solution to start up a large warehousing project.

√Store up to 14 TBR tires per rack. The load capacity of 2400 lb.

√Stack 4 racks when loaded, 20 when empty, and posts are removed.

√Powder-coated, UV-resistant paint – Will never lose its luster.


Model No. Exterior Dimension Tire capacity Loading Capacity
  LxWxH pcs  kg
HML-WTBR 2438x1118x1803 72-81 2400lb./1100 kg
Material Mild steel Q235
Application area Warehouse, logistics, tyre, auto industry
Finish Powder coating
Remark Customized or OEM support



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