Tire Rack – HML-WUTR

The Tire Storage Rack is designed for storing wheels and rims vertically. Tire racks make the stacking and arrangement of tires quite easy within a cage. It allows you to reduce wheel handling and hold 8 to 9 wheels per row, placed side by side with a tire capacity of about 72 to 81 pcs. The tire storage rack made of mild steel Q235 material will give an optimum arrangement to the tires. What’s great about our tire storage rack is that it can be folded down to save floor space during slower periods. It has removable posts that can save 80% of the storage space and an optional bottom wire mesh and forklift guide.

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Main Features

√ Portable modular racks
–easy to stack and move around with the fork truck
–rearrange floor space quickly and simply than pallet racking
√ Removable posts
–reduce shipping costs, save space during slower periods
–regain 80% storage space when folded
√ Optional bottom wire mesh & forklift guide
√ Powder coating finish with custom requires


Model No. Exterior Dimension Tire








LxWxH pcs open closed
HML-WUTR 71 1/2″x 49 1/2″x68 1/2″ 72  to 81 2400 lb. 5 22
Material Mild steel Q235
Application area warehouse, logistics, tyre, auto industry
Finish Powder coating
Remark Costomized or OEM support
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