Wire Mesh Container — EU series – HML-F16

HML’s Folding Wire Mesh Container is a storage solution for the Wine industry. This has a classic design that lets you stuff a good quantity of “champagne” bottles. It can load for about 500 horizontal bottles, and 339 inverted bottles. This classic folding wire mesh container is an optimum solution for excellent safety and protection for the products.

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Main Features

√ Excellent ventilation: open mesh
√ Improved access to inventory: half drop down gates allow for direct access to inventory – without additional lifting and rearranging
√ Vertical storage: stack up to 4 high, maximize floor space
√ Save storage space & lower returning cost: fully folded when not in use
√ Easy setup & breakdown: assemble in a minute by simple steps
√ Mainly used to transport and store bottles in wine cellars


External dimension 1249x808x1060 mm
Grid dimension 54×115 mm
Wire guage ¢12-¢5.0 mm
Safe working load 800 kg
Stackability 4+1 high
Loaded units / 40HQ 164
Finish Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat
Wine storage 500(horizontal) bottles, 339(inverted) bottles “Champagne”
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