Save More Money In The Supply Chain By Using Steel Cages

Steel Cages

Save More Money In The Supply Chain By Using Steel Cages

The COVID-19 epidemic has put a financial and operational strain on all supply networks. Reviewing your supply chain and switching to reusable transport options like metal cages is one approach to save money.

Whether you’re a producer who ships to distributors or a distributor who delivers to retailers, cost reduction in the transportation logistics sector is typically possible. Aside from the usual expenses of gasoline and machinery, logistics and transportation are subjected to various cost constraints.

Reviewing the whole supply chain path

Aside from looking for methods to save costs in the transportation and logistics areas of the supply chain, you may also try to discover and close gaps in the supply chain. You may also save money on freight by using more compact transportation and storage alternatives.

  • Improve vertical space use in bins and racks to enhance storage density. Metal cages and stillages and bins and containers are all available from HML Pak in this sector.
  • Pallet damage can be reduced by switching to steel cage and stillage storage.
  • Increase storage density by better using available floor space in warehouses.


Replenishment and reusability

Steel pallet cages can be the quickest way to move items and goods to distributors or retailers, whether in transportation or warehousing. Items may be loaded and unloaded more quickly, and there is no need to remove single-use plastic wrapping or wooden pallets. And, after the metal cages have been empty, they can be disassembled and folded for the return trip, taking up little room.


As a result, instead of utilizing wooden pallets and plastic wraps, the cages may be reused for a long time, saving money in the long run.


Greener solution

The usage of metal cages can help to reduce carbon emissions across the supply chain. Metal cages reduce single-use plastics, wooden pallets, and other wasteful materials used in transportation and logistics. Over time, the reusability of steel cages also implies a decrease in carbon emissions from the producer, distributor, and up to the end-user.


Intelligent cage design

Metal cages’ clever construction assures not just long-term reusability but also durability and security. Metal stillages are foldable, stackable, and suitable with pallet jacks, forklifts, and pallet racking. Steel mesh sides and galvanized steel sheet floors provide superior protection for items and goods. Because the cage is lockable, the mesh sides, half fold-down gates, and lid give more protection against theft and pilferage. 


Are you ready to discuss your industry needs?

Do you have a need to transition to metal or steel pallet cages? Contact HMLPak by calling us on 0086-150-4060-8276 or send us your inquiry here. We can address complicated storage and transportation issues with systems and solutions.


We are eager to hear about your newest ideas and difficulties in safe storage and transportation.


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