Stillage Cage: An Asset for Storage and Transport

stillage cage

Stillage Cage: An Asset for Storage and Transport

Production of goods and other products comes with more than its fair share of risks, and it can even have a greater chance of risk upon delivery. Any products, whether it’s a food, a tool, beverage, or anything that is wrongfully handled, can give a bad impression towards customers that would probably last even using bad type of stillage cage . 

Whatever type of business you are in, you ought to increase efficiency, and your bottom line are the goals that drive you. But, how can you achieve that if your storage and transportation are at stake? Find out how stillages and cages help your business to strive better!

stillage cages

Why Stillage Container?

For warehousing and logistics operations, it is important to use a durable and upgrade stillage cage that is perfectly suited upon shipment, even for storage needs. A container like this can also be applied to food and beverage applications. Each unit is manufactured under safety requirements and provides a great solution to storage requirements. 

Apart from traditional storage boxes like wood containers and pallets, investing in stillage designs will keep your inventory moving.

Faster Shipping

Metal stillage cages are perfect when transporting products. This gitterbox stillage can be disassembled quickly. Thereby, it can be transported into a new location or site. Apart from that, investing in stillage containers makes it easier and convenient when talking about space. Metal stillages for sale from HML Pak can be folded when containers are not in use. 

The food and beverage industry can also benefit from stillage containers. As it comes very handy when loading, food products stored can be moved out as quickly as possible, and spoilage can be prevented.

Effective Storage

The stillage cage can be stacked high wherein small unit storerooms can still purchase or invest in it. What is more astounding about this product is that the unit can be further moved by a forklift or pallet trolley. Stillage  cage from Huameilong Metal Products exceeds every consumer’s expectations. How? It is because not only our stillages but all of our products are made with quality material that ensures structural strength and premier functionality.

If you are looking for durable container storage, stillage containers are the best saving option for any business!

Manufactured with mesh sides

The mesh sides feature of our stillage container allows easy ventilation and inventory. Stillage cage designs make it more convenient when categorizing products or any goods to be stored. Employees won’t have a hard time finding or checking for the inventory as the container has an open mesh design and half drop gate on one long side. 


If you ought to look for a container that business can truly get more profit, then metal products from HML a trusted stillage manufacturer are the way to go! For more details about stillages and cages, contact our team to help you stay ahead of the competition and streamline your operations at every turn.


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