The What and How of Wine Industry 

wine industry

The What and How of Wine Industry 

What is the current standing of wine industries production and how will the industry survive?. The wine industry is becoming more prominent, especially in European countries. According to Amy Campbell, a writer of Inside Self-Storage asserts that wine production is associated with storage, doing it a more profitable ancillary service for some markets than before. 

However, the year 2020 is a tough and challenging time for any company or establishment. In fact, it’s no secret or surprise that sales of alcoholic beverages, including wine production, have spiked since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

wine industry

Evolution of Wine Consumption

The report entitled “Global Trends in Wine 2020” by Wine Intelligence looks at how wine consumption habits are influenced by age, gender, and geography. Accordingly, the report presents a decline in wine consumption worldwide and that the most significant cohort of regular wine drinkers continues to be within the 55+ age group. 

Réza Nahaboo of Sommelier and Practical Arts Instructor also added that about 20% of wine production has stopped and reached an anticipated 75% decrease in sales last April 2020. This is due to the recent drastic effects of Covid- 19. At this point, significant companies involved were thinking about developing the offering to generate some sales. Part of that strategy is how they can implement a suitable wine storage container for wineries. 

China’s Emergence as a Wine Consumer.

To a report written by Zachary Elfman, he considered China to be one of the wine’s top consumers. He also added that country is expected to increase its wine imports by 8% in 2019. However, because of the pandemic, the production quietly decreased. 

Wine experts assert that one of the best ways for the wine industries to regain its power is to look for solutions to the wine storage condition. What every producer and manufacturing companies can do to meet rising demand beyond the pandemic? How will the wine industry increase in market competition?

Consistency on wine storage 

For wine consumers, quality is a must. Thereby, businesses must find ways to keep and maintain wine bottles in an orderly manner. Some companies adopt this strategy of having a wine storage container or rack to keep the wines to mature to its full potential. For large wine manufacturers, the temperature of the facility must be stable. This is to maintain both short and long-term storage of wine. It is a necessity that every industry operators or owners must have known the basic handling and tips with wine storage.

Although temperature can be a challenge for many. This climate control for wine storage offers a convenient and affordable means to allow the wine to mature. Aside from small rack, large wine containers also help transport, load, and unload wine bottles. To add more, factors that every warehouse manager should pay more attention to includes temperature, humidity UV exposure, security, hygiene, handling, and distribution.

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The wine industries are one of the top sectors that HML keeps supplying for years. HML Pak believes that the proper wine-making process includes how well you package and keep the product during its storage period. 

Here at Huameilong Metal Products, whatever your wine container needs, we can help you. With HML’s wine storage containers, storage density and material handling efficiency will all be increased. 

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