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Tips for storing & caring tires

Tips for storing & caring tires

Huameilong tire rack manufacturer

Huameilong provides tire storage solutions and manufactures tire stacking racks for customers warehouse tire storage. We found that, what’s the best way to store and care tires when they’re not being used may be a  perennial issue. So in this article, we find some tips from the internet which may give you some idea.

  1. Clean

Before storing grab some soap, water a tire brush to clean each tire of dirt, grime and brake dust. If you keep your tires on wheels, make sure to clean those too. Make sure to dry completely and don’t apply any type of tire dressing.

  1. Bag them

After cleaning, place each tire in its own large, airtight plastic bag (lawn and leaf bags work well here) for storing. Avoid any moisture in the bag and remove as much air as possible. Close the bag tightly with tape to create a personal space for each tire. This helps to reduce oil evaporation.

  1. Identify and clean/clear storage space

If at all possible, do not store your tires outside or in an area that’s subject to swings in temperature. Even covered, tires stored outside are exposed to harmful environmental changes. Your best bet for storing tires is in a climate-controlled basement, garage, or workshop. Keep your tires in an area that is cool and dry.

  1. Carefully stack the tires

If possible, store tires vertically rather than stacking horizontally to reduce stress and tire distortion. Also, place on a piece of clean wood and not directly on the ground.

If you don’t store your tires in individual bags, and instead stack them, make sure to stack them “white to white” and “black to black” to prevent staining of the white rubber as white and black rubber are compounded differently.

Just like humanbeing, tires are always aging. But these few tips will help slow the process and extend the life of your tires while in storage. Remember, before mounting your stored tires back on your vehicle, make sure to have a tire professional inspect the tires first.

If you want to know something about stacking tire pallets, call us anytime +86-411-83615995 or email us sales@hmlpak.com, Huameilong’s experts will be happy to serve you!

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