Types and Importance of Wire Mesh Decking

wire mesh decking

Types and Importance of Wire Mesh Decking

Manufacturing has never been so easy and efficient. Think back twenty or thirty years ago. Have you ever imagined the processes we had in place were solely based on low costs and high speeds? Today, both safety and accomplishing tasks with urgency and quality are how most business owners and suppliers ever wanted. Surprisingly, mesh decking has continued to gain popularity. In fact, wire mesh decking styles have gained a role in many distribution centers and warehouses. Given their innovative techniques, they easily allow efficient storage of goods and products.

Let us see these excellent benefits of wire mesh decks in our warehouse with the best manufacturers like Huameilong Metal Products.

wire mesh decking

Why are wire mesh decks essential?

It is a fact that “safety” should always be the top priority of every business. Plus! Safety isn’t just only limited to the employees, but to the products as well. 


If you observed, wire mesh decking is going popular these days. Why? That is because mesh decking pallet racking allows you to add a proper layer of defense against the materials to slip out of the racking system. Also, the wire decking can be placed on the warehouse racking beam. Hence, it will not cause any damage to products and warehouse operation injuries. The equipment’s built-in mechanism can prevent any dust build-up, and when there’s a fire, the water will pass through it.

Moreover, wire mesh decks also make order fulfillment easier. Employees will now have a clear line to each product and increase your racks’ sturdiness by equally distributing weight across its beams.


Types of Wire Mesh Decks

Standard Channel

The first one is made to fit standard step beams and offer the most significant strength than the other types of wire decks. Accordingly, the waterfall edges are on the front and rear are typical and provide extra security. Hence, the support channels are on the beam steps, and the waterfall wrap over the beam’s top.


Flared Channel

The flared channel or the F channel includes a flared flange feature that allows decks to be used with step beams. Just like the standard channel, a waterfall also wraps around the shaft.


Flush Wire Decking

This wire mesh decking is similar to the first one as well. However, the flush wire decks do not have the waterfall feature wraps around the rack beam.


Inside, Outside & Upturned Waterfall

The inside waterfall decks are exposed within the step beam and shifts load weights toward the inner. Next is the outside mesh decking. They are the same as the inside, but this deck has hidden wires. The upturned waterfall deck’s wires are bent upward to help secure your load on it.


Inverted Channel

With upside-down support channels, this is notoriously great at preventing debris accumulation. This wire mesh deck is commonly used in warehouses that store food products and other sensitive materials.


Do you have any questions about which type of wire mesh decking best suits your warehouse or business? Give HML Pak a call today, and our team will work through your decking needs.


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