What Can You Get From Metal Tire Racks Provided by HML

metal tire racks

What Can You Get From Metal Tire Racks Provided by HML

Every business knows how important space is. In fact, for them, it is premium. Setting enough room for the items and goods, especially warehouse tires, is a time-consuming mess. Accordingly, finding the layout that may work for your company will only result in more significant problems. However, to answer this problem, HML introduces this industrial tire rack where the tire can be stored and become handy. Moreover, when these metal products are managed well, it will increase your storage space and allow you to use moveable shelves. If you are not getting the proper manufacturer for you, there are still many to choose from. However, HML Pak stands tall, owing to its vast experience and expertise in producing quality-made tire racks for warehouse. Huameilong Metal Products provides an extensive option of metal tire racks that will optimize the storage capacity.

Metal Tire Racks

Product: Metal Tire Racks

Here at Huameilong Metal Products, we produce high-quality tire racks that meet every client’s needs. Our metal tire racks are an ideal option for heavy trucks, buses, and farm machinery. This metal tire rack is made with a base that can hold a maximum of 4 stacks of 6-7 tires. But, take note that it will also depend on the racks’ diameter.


To give you a closer look at our metal tire racks, we can proudly say that it is a versatile and economical modular solution that you must be looking for so long. This industrial tire rack can hold up to 12 to 14 tires and withstand up to 2400 lb. 


Storage Space Optimization

If you are looking for a metal product that will help you optimize your storage space, our may help you as well. These metal tire rack is made to save more space and provide an efficient warehouse layout. Before investing in these racks, a business should quantify how much they will need to avoid overstoring equipment. What’s unique about HML’s tire racks is that it allows you to store different sizes and levels on the same frame. 


Enhances the Business Value

One way to gauge an effective business process is to invest in a productive metal product. HML Pak’s metal tire rack increases business value and leaves a good impression on your end. With all the excellent quality and features that the product has, your business can benefit a lot. Particularly, when using these racks, your tires will be stored efficiently. Aside from that, it also reduces shipping costs and saves space during slower periods, adding more profits.


Easy to Use

Huameilong Metal Products manufacture equipment that is easy to install and use. Notably, these metal tire racks are portable and modular that is easy to stack and move around. Moreover, it also helps your worker to rearrange floor space quickly. HML’s industrial tire rack is easy to use and enables you to save more time.


HML Pak is known for providing excellent quality containers and racks for different uses inside the warehouse. Plus! We offer a range of sizes or designs to suit your needs. You can request a FREE QUOTE for a required type of metal tire rack today!


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