What Is Nestainer Rack and How Does It Help Your Industry?


What Is Nestainer Rack and How Does It Help Your Industry?

When the best nestainer racks fall directly into your business, efficiency and mobility can be achieved. Whether you’re hoping to expand the scope and operation of your warehouse, the material handling solution shouldn’t come at last. 

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What Is A Nestainer Rack?

In every warehouse process, equipment is vital for accomplishing nearly every task. The same goes for the racking system. Nestainer storage racks are used as a movable rack that is nestable. In fact, it is a modern portable rack system that transforms steel into dependable and flexible material storage. 


The Nestainer rack is growing these days. To confirm, according to warehouse market analysis forecast 2020-2027, warehouse racking provides cost-effective and systematic operations for bulky and fragile items. Moreover, it is forecasted to grow at a rate of 3.5% by 2027 compared to 2019.


Self-guided stacking. The inverted angles provide safe, secure, and simple stacking. The nestainers can be guided into their stacked position for full column-to-column loading. 


Front-end nesting. The front-end nesting of the nestainer increases empty rack handling and efficiency. Rack nests can be easily handled with a lift truck or motorized pallet jack. 


Safety standards. Nestainers are built to fo full rack manufacturing standards, including a 2x performance factor for its loading capacity. The storage transfer can be made easy using HML’s nestainer racks.


Is there any other unique specification? The following are some of the unique characteristics of HML’s nestainer stackable storage racks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Nestainer racks are simple that involves easy and simple installation.
  • Nestainers provide useful storage and a flexible racking system.
  • Employees can smoothly perform inventory counts using the racks.
  • They can be stacked on each other and can form a three-dimensional storage capacity.
  • Post pallets and nestainers can hold heavy loads. 
  • They are typically stacked in columns of 5 or 6 racks, with each shelf holding 1000 kg.


Why Do Business With Us? 

Huameilong Metal Products is a premier manufacturer of material handling products located in China. Accordingly, we provide:


        √ Innovative solutions since 1993.

        √ Bespoke designs to your requirements.

        √ We are trusted by customers nationwide.

        √ Punctual delivery time for seven production bases.

        √ One-stop service from solution, manufacture to delivery.


We have access to vast products ranging from wire mesh containers, wire mesh decking, pallet racking, roll containers, and many more. If you help with any inquiry with our post pallets and nestainers, please contact us, and our staff will be more than willing to help.

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