What Is Wire Mesh Container?

What Is Wire Mesh Container?

Huameilong is China’s leading material handling solution provider and manufacturer for wire mesh containers. We sell thousands of containers each year. The #1 selling mesh container is used in manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities around the world. 

Two main series wire containers are wildly sold from Huameilong, we name them JP series and EURO series container. Here, we’ll take one of our standard product HML-W1(JP series) as an example to show you what a wire container looks like and its benefits.

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Our robotically welded industrial wire baskets provide strength and durability that is needed in any warehouse storage application. Each of our industrial wire containers is galvanized after weld, which provides a durable finish that will not wear or rust. These collapsible wire containers are capable of stacking 10 high when baskets are collapsed or 4 high when fully loaded, which will save valuable space in the warehouse. We have 4 standard sizes, but we have the capabilities of manufacturing custom baskets to meet our customer’s specifications.
Optional accessories include label placards, caster kits, heavy duty feet, pallet runner bars, and more.

Standard Features and Benefits

  1. Choose from a variety of
    • Wire guage – 4.8mm, 6.0mm, 6.2mm
    • Mesh – 25*50mm, 50*50mm, 50*100mm
    • Loading capacity – light duty (0kg to 400kg), medium duty(400 to 800kg), heavy duty(over 800kg)
  2. Super strong square-stack leg and base allows 4 high stacking

Stackable wire mesh design can be stored in a fraction of space that they occupied when they are assembled. The is stacked on the warehouse floor, in the back room, inside a storage container, on pallet racks.

    1. Open mesh – excellent ventilation
    2. Cap channel over wire perimeter for added protection
    3. Standard front half fold-down gate – easy access

Fully collapsible designed for easy storage and transport

  1. Easily moved around by forklift, even when fully loaded
  2. Standard high quality electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, powder coating finish, won’t wear or rust
  3. Robotically welded feet and under structure
  4. Heavy-duty locking handle design

Forklift wire containers with angled pallet runners enable faster mobility inside warehouse space and during transportation. Forklift operators can easily pick-up loaded containers and safely move them throughout the distribution center


Wire container accessories include half-drop gates, full-drop gates, swing gates, removable lids, security lids, dollies, stacking guides, casters, dividers, 4-way runners, and fork stirrups. Plus many other custom options are available

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