What You Need To Know About U-Channel Wire Decking


What You Need To Know About U-Channel Wire Decking

Adding pallet racking mesh deck increases the uses of the racks. Experts in the logistics sector prove that wire decks provide a more robust, longer-lasting alternative to wood boards placed onto the beams. The open-weave design of wire mesh decking also improves airflow, critical for storing temperature and moisture-sensitive items. See how U-channel pallet rack wire mesh decking can transform one’s storage space or warehouse for the better.
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What Is U-Channel Wire Decking?

The open-weave design of pallet rack wire mesh decking is made of durable metal. The elements fit between or over the pallet rack’s support beams, depending on the model. This flared, and flat U-channel configuration is available at Huameilong Metal Products and installing this on the shelf beam’s surface is handy.

Moreover, it can create thick hole patterns on the surface. Plus! Some small items’ storage capacity can be increased by laying a layer of mesh on the shelf. Simultaneously, the beam’s stress on the shelf can be shared so that the shaft’s compression is not directed to the point.

The crossbeam’s service life has been significantly extended. Furthermore, while the wire mesh decking for pallet racks does not and should not support the pallets’ total weight, it does assist in weight distribution across the support beams, making storage safer.

Top Advantages To Remember:

  • Improves the pallet rack system’s overall effectiveness.
  • Ensure that the goods do not fall off the pallet racks.
  • It does not require any maintenance and is very simple to set up.
  • It keeps dust from building up.
  • Each storage level has an opening that allows air and light to flow through it.
  • State and municipal fire codes are followed.
  • Allowing the heat to enter the sprinklers by having an open deck
  • Allows the flames to be put out with water.


Other Kinds of Wire Mesh Decking

  • Drop-In Flush Decking
  • Waterfall Wire Mesh Decking
  • Step Channel Decking
  • Flared Channel Decking
  • Inverted Channel Decking

Wire mesh decking for pallet racking catches anything that falls from the pallets, preventing spills or lost goods from falling to the floor. If goods fall from a pallet onto a pallet below or to the floor without the mesh decking in place, they may be lost.

Good Quality & Affordable Price

The most popular wire deck is supported by HML’s pallet racking mesh deck with step channel because it provides the best support at the lowest price! We provide you with the world’s best-selling cable decking. Of the highest quality are manufactured and sold by us.

Contact us now and get your U-channel pallet racking mesh deck to be delivered right away!

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