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Why manurack pallet?

What is Manurack?

Manuracks, also called post pallets, stacking pallet racks and manurack pallets, etc. are manufactured from carefully chosen steel types, which made the pallets lighter while retaining their nominal, permissible capacity, dimensions and previous production process. They’re now applied more and more widely in the automotive, textile, wood, metal, tire, and other industries.

Why more and more logisticians decide to use a “Manurack” pallet these days?

From our experience and observation, there’s a growing interest of manurack in Euro markets recent years. Why? Why do the customers change to use this kind of rack? As at the core of every economic decision – the answer is profit. The metal manurack system improves the warehousing, which translates into savings and the company achieves greater profit.

More efficient warehouse arrangement than shelving.

In storage shelf operating systems (“drive in” and others), sometimes you need to make changes in their placement. This causes huge problems of organization. Shelving must be unloaded, disassembled, assembled in the new configuration and reload. Thinking about the organization of the warehouse you need to be prepared for such necessities.

But if using manurack pallets, such operation is only a matter of transferring them from one location to another. With forklift guide design, you can move them by truck easily even when fully loaded.

manurack manufacturer
post pallet manurack manufacturer

Improve the efficiency of warehouse

The use of stacking rack enables to store in the same area up to four times more goods! Using a vertical tubes in a simple way we can arrange pallet into stack regardless of the stored cargo type. Other pallet types impermanence – Operations performed using a forklift often cause damage to wooden pallets. Stored goods, as well as warehouse workers may suffer from that. In both cases, the warehouse owner are liable to incur considerable expenditure.

Customer feedbacks – improve the warehouse

We got feedbacks from customers of what problems in their storage areas the stacking manurack has helped to solve. Here are the most often answers:

Inefficient use of storage: Very often goods stored on traditional pallets or in crates or cartons may occupy only the surface of the floor. Because of their weight or specific conditions, goods can not be arranged one pallet on the other. Huge amount of vertical space is wasted.

But with the help of our stackable post pallets, which can stack up to 4-6 high, will certainly maximize the floor space and improve the utilization of warehouse.

Huameilong is one of the first manufacturers of Manuracks in China. We produce them since 1993. During this time we’ve gained vast experience in production process and the possible usage of our pallet racks. We are a partner whom you can completely trust.


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