Why Use Wire Mesh Containers

folding wire mesh container

Why Use Wire Mesh Containers

A business can save money if they can use one solution to address both the shipping and storage of a product. Folding Wire mesh containers are the ideal option to use for both storage and shipping of large items within the supply chain. The containers reduce return shipping expenses and make a manufacturer much more efficient. 

Any production company will need to understand several concepts before making a folding wire mesh container purchase. Our sustainable website, blog, and employees are a wonderful resource from which to buy containers and gain a solid understanding regarding whether wire containers are the right choice for your facility.

Significant information to consider before purchasing collapsible wire mesh containers:

There is more available storage space.

The main benefit that comes with investing in collapsible wire mesh containers is that they allow you to efficiently optimize the use of all available storage space. Collapsible containers take up less space when they are folded down, freeing precious storage space for other stock when the container is not in use. A user just needs to fold the meshes of the cage by releasing its latches, and then it can be tucked away until it is needed for shipping or storage again. 

Packing and shipping expenses drop.

Folding wire mesh containers are protective metal containers that will often eliminate the need to find a shipping solution that will adequately safeguard inventory. The rigid mild steel materials used in container fabrication keep stored contents safe on turbulent journeys. Folding storage cages also offer the added benefit of minimizing return shipping expenses. A receiver can just fold the cage to take less space for the return trip, thereby lowering shipping rates overall. This means wire containers will result in fewer inventory losses and lower shipping expenses.

Steel wire mesh containers are suitable for reuse

An additional advantage is that receiving parties are able to return all mesh containers to their origination point highlights a additional positive. Wood and corrugated cardboard containers have a shorter life in service and are subject to suffer significant damage that diminishes their reusability. Mesh containers are rigid, helping to minimize the cost of purchasing new corrugated containers on a regular schedule.

Easily maneuverable and transportable

Folding wire mesh container is capable to maneuver the containers using forklifts. Huameilong’s cage models can be manufactured with 4-way forklift entry, forklift guide for easier and safe turn over, runner bar for safe stacking on pallet racking, etc. Also casters are also added, making for easier manual transport of the container and any products it contains.

To discuss the logistics of choosing Wire mesh containers or get additional information regarding our full line of metal material handling products, please contact our team at +86.411.836.159.95 or sales@hmlpak.com.

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