Wire Mesh Container with Casters Improve Logistics Efficiency

wire mesh container with casters

Wire Mesh Container with Casters Improve Logistics Efficiency

Wire Mesh Containers with casters generally has two swivel casters with brakes and two fixed casters. The casters can operate flexibly and freely move in the workshop, which can improve workers’ operation efficiency, save labor costs and be safe and convenient to use. JP series wire containers with caster need to add tow bars, so that containers and casters can be linked together, then they can easily and freely move on smooth ground. This kind of wire containers are widely used for the turnover of internal parts in auto parts workshops, as well as the turnover of materials in automobile integrated factories. The polypropylene hollow sheets, card boards, iron sheets or felts put in the containers can effectively protect the surface of items from being scratched. Besides Huameilong wire mesh containers can be carried by various handling equipment.

wire mesh container with caster

Humeilong provides you wire containers with various sizes, meshes and loading capacity designs.

Choose from a variety of

    • Wire guage : 4.8mm, 6.0mm, 6.2mm
    • Mesh : 25x50mm, 50x50mm, 50x100mm
    • Loading capacity 

light duty (0kg to 400kg)

medium duty(400 to 800kg)

heavy duty(over 800kg)


The mesh container is an essential and flexible unit for material handling and storage. These durable yet lightweight containers, can stack four high for maximum storage efficiency. These units come with safety features such as safety lugs to insure stackability, reinforced rings to prevent distortion and safety locks to prevent accidental openings.

The folding convenience our containers allows for better return on shipments and space-saving storage. The container not only folds to save you storage/shipping space, it can be stacked four high when loaded to save you warehouse space. 

Let’s take one of Huameilong standard cages W-1(1030Lx 840Wx 850H mm) as an example, each container in the stack can hold up to 1,300kg, a total of 5,200 kg(stack four high), in an area as small as 1030L x 840W mm. 

  • Safety corner rings for reinforcement
  • Safety locks to prevent accidental openings
  • Double-bead wire perimeter
  • Full-perimeter base frame protects helix (spiral) and allows side-by-side stacking
  • Up to 2000kg. capacity
  • Stacks four high, fully loaded
  • Fully collapsible when not in use – save storage space
  • Open-mesh design for visible inventory
  • Zinc, hot-dip galvanized, powder coating finish


Collapsible wire mesh containers with casters play an important role in logistics industries, and they are applied to various areas like automobile industries, food and beverage industries, medical industries, construction industries, agricultural industries and supermarkets, etc. for the handling, transporting and storage of auto parts, accessories, hardwares, engineering machinery parts, medical, food, beverage, etc.

Wire containers – Huameilong meets all your needs

Huameilong can answer all your wire mesh container needs and we offer not just a selling service but an A to Z service from solution providing, design to delivery. Contact us right now ! We will be more than happy to help… for FREE!


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