Wire Mesh Decking From HML Has More To Offer

Wire Mesh Decking From HML Has More To Offer

How productive and efficient the supply chain is due to how organized the goods and products are. Having an effective storage system helps a business to thrive more. As many businesses use pallet racks, they forgot that they also need to combine wire mesh decking with it. 


The combination of both only enhances the effectiveness of the wire mesh decking for pallet racking solution that every warehouse needs. hence, if you are wondering why many industries are investing in wire mesh decking and dividers, its time for you to know too. 

wire mesh decking

Why wire mesh decking?

Wire mesh decking is commonly called as a mesh panel or mesh laminate. This word simply means a perfect partner for all types of shelves. if your business has a stepped beam or a rectangular one, HML’s pallet rack wire mesh decking is adjustable and can be easily attached on panels. 


Accordingly, there are two types of wire mesh decks offered by HML Pak. Namely the F channel decking and U channel decking. First, a flared wire mesh decking offers universal flared-end channel support. This means that the pallet racking mesh deck is suitable for the structural channel, box, and step beams with non-standard step sizes.


On the other hand, the U-channel is a single, unchanging piece of steel. This is the most popular one and designed to fit on standard step beams, In other words, this type of wire mesh decks offer excellent strength compared to others. 


Offers better support

Wire mesh decking for pallet racking is widely used by manufacturers and several warehouse owners because of its support. Business operations including the e-commerce industry, food and beverage industry, retail and supermarket industry or for industrial manufacturing purposes harness its power too! HML Pak’s wire mesh decks are an excellent solution and adds up stability with its innovative design. The goods that will be placed on it will be much secured because of the deck’s strength and capacity. 


Resistant to damage

Huameilong Metal Products is known for its galvanization process. All products including the meshed wire decking are powder coated and galvanized that ensures long-lasting use in every business. Accordingly, this would also give every owner an idea that every investment made on material handling equipment are worth it. Hence, if the equipment will last for a great time, this will create a great return on the business profits. 


Much Safer To Use

Pallet rack wire mesh decking is more reliable than the traditional one. The wire mesh deck prevents every product and good from contamination. Also, the wire mesh deck can withstand fire and are much easier to navigate because of its visibility feature.  


Easy Maintenance

Your warehouse employees can easily maneuver the meshed wire decking. However, it may need some adjustments during use to enhance its stability and security. Also, both types of wire mesh decks will need low-cost maintenance. 


See More On Our Wire Decking!

Have we left your meshed wire decking questions unanswered? if you are interested with our product, give Huameilong a call at +86-150-4060-8276 or you can reach us via email at sales@hmlpak.com to talk to a pallet rack specialist about your wire decking needs. 

Huameilong team and experts will be more than happy to help you with your business! Just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure our meshed wire decking will suit your specification and other criteria. Contact us now.

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