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Wire mesh decks introduction – HML

Wire mesh decks introduction - HML

HML’s  decks fit a wide variety of pallet rack beam types including step beams, box beams and structural channel beams, and are also available for industrial metal shelving and boltless shelving. 

Wire mesh decking is the most popular storage rack option in the warehousing industry, acts as a safety feature to help prevent pallet fall-through, and meets fire codes for high piled combustible storage. Wire mesh decking is ideal for hand stacking cartons and provides a deck shelf for storage of various product sizes and changing inventory.

galvanized wire mesh decking
Wire Deck Design: Guage, Pattern, and Support Channels

The anatomy of a wire deck consists of the wire, and the channel supports. Wire thickness and number of channel supports are considered when designing for specific applications. Load capacity, beam length, upright depth, and equipment use help determine the design requirements. The wire diameter is generally 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, etc. and constructed with a  50*50mm, 50*100mm, 25*100mm wire pattern. There are typically 3 channel supports on standard deck sizes, and 4 to more channel supports on wider decks.

Wire Decks Application

Uniformly distributed loads

The strength and firmness of the wire deck is usually expressed in total deck capacity, assuming a uniformly distributed load. Therefore, point load capacities must be analyzed during the design process. For standard pallet storage, most of the pallet weight is resting on the pallet rack beams. Aligning pallet loads on a pallet rack system is important for safety, and for maximizing the deck capacity. For undersize pallet storage, and hand stacking storage, uniform distributed load needs to be satisfied.

Mesh decking panels for pallet racks

Wire decks maximize storage utilization for warehouse pallet rack, and meet high pile storage requirements of fire and building departments. This low-cost pallet rack option is available in many sizes and strengths to meet standard and custom size solutions.

Benefits of wire mesh deck railings

Easy installation
Wire mesh decking is one of the most popular accessories in pallet racking, and is far superior to wood decking due to its strength and safety features. No tools necessary, the wire decking installs with ease. The wire mesh deck drops effortlessly into place and rests on the beams. Additionally, the mesh design offers 100% sprinkler flow to meet all fire safety standards and requirements.

We can customize our computers and smart phones, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same with our warehouse equipment and accessories? Pallet racking is no exception. With HML’s custom wire mesh deck designs, you can have versatility and functionality that meet your specific warehouse needs. Some common wire mesh deck options include: flared channel, flush fit, inside waterfall, step channel, inverted, and more.

Wire mesh decking is the most commonly requested option for pallet rack applications in today’s industry. Whether loading full pallets or hand stacking small cartons, these super strong wire decks give you durability and versatility for changing applications, while meeting safety and fire code requirements.

Make sure you take time to find the best supplier that can provide you with custom sizes that meet your specific warehouse needs!

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