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HML Group makes material handling process more easier & efficient. We provide solutions, design, OEM & ODM as well as export services with excellent quality & competitive price!

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Why Choose HML Group

Established in 1993, HML Group is a company specializing in the production and trading of material handling products.

  • 8 Factory Bases
  • Samples Available
  • OEM & ODM Support
  • Customized on Demand
  • Process Report Throughout
  • Support Online Video Audit
  • One-stop Service
  • Great Sales Support

We are committed to providing excellent customer service from product development to after-sales, focusing on design innovation and practicality for your needs. We take care about each project's details from initial contact to final delivery.

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How to Control the Quality

HML Group is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services. We maintain strict quality control at all times, which means that you can be assured of getting only the best when working together!

Pre-production (Sample Inspeciton)

For a totally new project, especially one that requires highly-customized products, we will confirm a sample before mass production begins to ensure that your needs are met and objectives achieved with quality workmanship from start-to finish.

Raw Material

We buy raw materials from one of the largest steel factories in China. Only those with qualified sizes can be used for production, so we make sure to have an expert check your order before it's processed!

Components Inspection

Each component is inspected for quality assurance, size consistency and proper fit. This ensures that all parts will assemble seamlessly at later stages in production without any errors or issues along the way!

Semi-finished Product

The inspectors measure products sizes and angles based on drawings. This helps identify product defects before an entire order is potentially affected, which in turn saves time for production batching up next!

Finished Products Inspection

Samples will be chosen by inspectors to check dimensions, loading capacity(new models), welding condition (whether there is leakage, porosity, slag), surface finish (thickness, flatness, glossiness) and disassembly/assembly flexibility, etc. An Inspection Report must be provided before packing.

Package Inspection

Before loading, the inspectors will check to make sure that there are no issues with product amount and packing conditions(packing methods, specifications, tightness). We want everything safe enough for transportation and unloading so it doesn't cause any accidents on board during sea journeys!

Container Loading Inspection

First, the inspector needs to check container structural stability and no sign of damage, testing the locking mechanisms and more. Then, we'll check the actual quantity of product ordered is correctly and securely loaded into a container(minimize breakage, and maximize space utilization). It will reduce the risks of incorrect quantities of products being shipped to your required destination and the chances of receiving damaged products.


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