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Leading towards business growth, developing and enhancing logistics storage solutions.

HML Pak is one of the most prominent manufacturers and solution providers of material handling equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics division, HML Pak gained a high reputation all over the world. It aims to bring out and attain customer satisfaction by enforcing innovative techniques as a response to the day-to-day operations.

Over the years, experiences honoured our personnel, teaching them integrity and perseverance as we enter in the competitive market. Our team makes sure to analyze your business demands and create smart solutions for efficient material handling and logistics operations.

Wire Mesh Container

The classic F-series of wire mesh container is the perfect solution for your warehouse.

Tire Rack

This tire pallet rack will arrange the tires with ease of accessibility and high efficiency. This pallet rack is highly durable.

Roll Container

Intro description about this product Intro description about this product

We’re solution provider

We are superlative providers of several metal products including Wire mesh container, post pallet & nestainer, stillage, roll cage, cage pallet and much more at an economical price.

OEM & Customized

We have a large variety of product list with us. You can get wire container,roll container, tire rack, post pallet and other products according to your need.

One-Stop Service

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Popular Category

Wire Mesh Container EU Series

Wire Container JP Series

Tire Rack

Roll Cage

PET Preform Industry

Roll Container

Wire Decking & Wire Divider

Cage Pallet


Steel Pallet

Laundry Cart

Post Pallet & Nestainer

What we offer

HML Pak offers a numerous list of equipment and load carriers such as mesh containers, cage pallets, wire trolley, roll containers, wire deckings, tire racks, and many more. What makes HML Pak stand out among other competitors is its option for customization to answer the needs of the clients. We aim to align to the company needs and goals.

HML Pak always aims to provide smart storage solutions and improve efficiency in the logistics industry. Our team specializes in material handling equipment, PET preform industry solution, supermarket equipment, warehouse racking and shelving, and a lot more. With the experiences and reputation, we have proven that our products are the best choice for most warehouse production and other industrial operations.

Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers
Collapsible Wire Mesh Containers

What we do

HML Pak ensures that every project will be directly handled by our experts and can save every client’s time, money, and effort, right from the beginning to the end. Our CAD team, specialists, team managers, and logistics experts supervise all the projects and ensure to have a quality outcome and result.

HML Pak also offers an extensive package of quality services including consultancy, design, manufacturing, inspection and re-designing. In response to the different needs of our clients, they can choose from our range of services. We provide top-notch services to our clients which make HML the leading brand in this industry.

Who we supply

Under many years in this production, HML Pak has continuously produced a long list of products in the market. It provides business opportunities with significant operations in PET preform bottle & plastic bottles, food & beverage storage, industrial manufacturing, retail & supermarket, wine, laundry, recycling industry and warehouse storage. 

Material handling equipment plays an integral role in any business. Purchasing the right one for your business makes it an even more crucial decision. But when being partnered with a reliable supplier, HML Pak can provide the best storage solution and help your business to expand.

Solution cases

Huameilong Metal Products conducts a detailed analysis of every client’s needs. Our team firstly checks the product, storage capacity and requirements. From this, our experts create a set of solutions that are feasible for the productivity of the business. We also check the current and foreseen issues and disputes. HML Pak’s team of experts, designers and logistics specialists can provide valuable insights in solving material handling concerns.

As we move forward, it is our goal to help companies to become more efficient and more dynamic. For the needs of long-term solutions with every type of business, HML Pak is the right one for you.

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