About HML Pak

Who we are

HML Pak is one of the leading storage solutions providers that develop and enhance logistic industry and material handling solutions.

HML Pak continuously produces quality metal products for material handling and logistics operations. Over the years, experience has honed our personnel, teaching them integrity and expertise as we enter in the competitive market. Our team makes sure to analyze your business demands and create smart solutions for better material handling and logistics operations.

What we offer

HML Pak offers a numerous list of equipment and load carriers such as mesh containers, cage pallets, wire trolley, roll containers, wire deckings, tire racks, and many more. What makes HML Pak stand out among other competitors is its option for customization to answer the needs of the clients. We aim to align to the company needs and goals.

How it works

There is an extensive package of quality services including consultancy, design, manufacturing, inspection and re-designing that our clients can choose from. Our team handles every project efficiently and accurately, thus saving both effort and time. Our team makes every process smooth and exemplifies expertise in every step, making sure we deliver the right end product and result to our clients.

Who we supply

HML Pak is known for being the primary supplier for quality material handling equipment to different industries. We provide an extensive set of services to various industries like food & beverage, industrial manufacturing, laundry, PET preform bottle & plastic, recycling, retail & supermarket storage, wine, and warehouse storage.

Client Testimonials

“I want to congratulate you on the excellent service. This quality control sheet means a lot to us. You have exceeded your capacity to make sure it is right. Well done and thank you.” -Greg Archer

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