Automotive Racks
Automotive Racks

Automotive Racks

For over 30 years, HML has been an industry leader in automotive parts packaging and material handling solutions. Our high-quality automotive racks offer cost savings while providing the optimum efficiency to transport your auto parts components with ease.

What Are Automotive Racks?

Automotive Racks are a convenient tool for those assembly plants who need to store and transport auto components. These automotive returnable shipping racks are made from mild steel and can be custom-built for any kind of automotive part and come with anti-corrosion protection for long-term durability. They provide a steady solution to keep items stacked up, stable, and protected when being moved around.

Hot Designs

View our range of automotive racks below, or contact our team to discuss your requirements to get a customized one.

Fender Returnable Shipping Racks

Fender Returnable Shipping Racks

Gearbox Pallet Rack

Gearbox Pallet Rack

Roof Panel Returnable Shipping Racks

Roof Panel Returnable Shipping Racks

Door Stack Rack

Door Stack Rack

Stackable Trunk Rack

Stackable Trunk Rack

Bumper Steel Rack

Bumper Steel Rack

Automotive Engine Rack

Automotive Engine Rack

Vechicle Body Side Racks

Vechicle Body Side Racks

Glass Shipping Racks

Glass Shipping Racks

Why use component racks?

Why use component racks?

Improve Safety

Reusable auto part racks are a great way to ensure your workplace is both safe and efficient - helping prevent accidents from occurring by keeping components and parts out of walkways, while allowing your staff to perform their tasks without fear of injury.

Increases Storage Density

Automotive racks can fit perfectly into the spaces available in warehouses or production areas. The rigid racks are stackable so to increase storage density compared to other storage solutions. By using them, businesses can make the most of their limited space, fitting a greater number of items into a smaller area and avoiding wasting valuable space that would otherwise be needed for storing stock.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Their modular design allows for optimal storage capacity and an efficient way to move items from just-in-time assembly plants or other warehouses, with sizes that can be custom fit to correspond with any space or parts types. The steel construction ensures long lasting use with minimal effort. The auto part racks can help save time, money and manpower by ensuring that items are securely organised and easy to access for assemble or further transportation.

Cost Effective

Their powder coating finish and sturdy steel construction make them ideal for use, and the knock-down design allows for low-cost return shipping, typically in a 4-1 ratio. Affordability, strength, and flexibility makes automotive racks provide you with peace of mind that they are getting the most out of your investments.

What can automotive shipping racks be used for?

HML Group can design and produce shipping racks to safely store and transport the following products and components:

  • Glass

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Side panels

  • Hoods

  • Bumpers

  • Engines

  • Lawn mowers many more products.

What can automotive shipping racks be used for?

The best auto parts racking for you

The best auto parts racking for you

Product QC Management

Our strict production process ensures that the company delivers high quality goods to customers. They go through many steps in order for us be able produce top-quality products, from the transportation of raw materials to the processing of the finished products, so you can be confident about what's going into your business!

Inspection Report Before Loading

Before we load your order, our sales and QC team will go through every product again and give you a detailed inspection report, to make sure the racks are in perfect condition with no unqualified items being sent out!

Packaging & Container Loading Inspection

We regard safety as the highest priority. That's why every product that is shipped out undergoes a rigorous process of inspection and double-checking before it's sent – both for the package itself and for the container it is being shipped in. We take the extra time to perform these checks to make sure you can have peace of mind with the product you receive.

1 Year Warranty

We warranties our products for one full year if you use them properly and don’t subject the item to rough handling such as overloading, outdoor exposure in wet conditions or harsh chemicals.

Process System

The Whole Process & Estimated Time

HML Group will take care of everything from manufacturer, clearance and logistics to making sure that you don't have anything else on what's an already busy schedule.

This means no more worries about finding a reputable automotive parts racks supplier - HML Group has got your back!

Solution & Design

Our team will propose possible solutions that align with your goals, and have an open dialogue of ideas so we can build a plan that works in the long-term. In most cases, this process takes three days, but if further discussion and clarification is needed, or if additional details arise, we are devoted to giving you and your project the attention it deserves until the best resolution is found.

Manufacturing & QC

Once the final drawing is confirmed, a team of 200+ people who work tirelessly to manufacture your order using advanced equipment. Quality control starts from raw material, continues through production and doesn't finish until the final product reaches our customers - we guarantee an unbeatable end-result that is sure to please! Generally speaking, our production cycle takes 30 days, however delays can occasionally happen due to factors such as the confirmation of sample details or other external influences that are beyond our control.

Customs Clearance & Loading

Once the products are packed, the trucks will arrive at our factory to pick up your products to the port, then wait for customs clearance. It usually takes about 2 working days to get everything processed!

International Delivery

We're shipping your rackings soon! Once they arrive, you'll receive a notification. Shipping time is about 15-45 days which varies depending upon where in the world it's going to be delivered too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things You Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about a custom automotive returnable shipping rack.

Do you support custom sizes or designs?

We're more than happy to take your custom-sized order! We carry a variety of auto parts racking systems, including rigid or collapsible. We have everything from roof panel returnable shipping racks to engine racks. We also offer OEM & ODM manufactured racks to meet your automotive rack storage needs.

Can you replace products that are damaged during delivery?

Even though we strive for perfection, sometimes the unexpected happens. But you can rest assured knowing our customer support team is ready to assist if disaster strikes! You can contact our customer support team and they'll provide you the assistance that's needed.

How long is the useful life of heavy duty shipping racks?

The service life varies depending on how you use it(the using environment and the weight you load on it), but generally they can last 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. There are many cases where the automotive rack system can be used over/less than this period.

What do I do if my order is delayed?

We have a detailed delivery schedule. We'll keep you updated about any potential delays or complications. In case of any force majeure, please expect minimal delays in order processing and delivery.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods I ordered?

You can have your order delivered around a month - but if you'd like to spice it up with some customized designs, just be prepared to wait as delivery times may take longer. This is because we ensure that every customized rack you order is uniform and high quality.

How to specify a stackable automotive rack?

In order to supply the auto parts racking system that best fits your specific application, the following information is needed.

  • Brief description of the items to be stored.
  • Type of rack entry desired(2 way or 4 way).
  • Weight of pallet/load.
  • Stacking height desired.
  • Are there any unusual loading conditions?
  • Are special accessories/designs desired?
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