Big Bag Rack HML-M6

The big-bag post rack structure is completely galvanized with a cold electrolytic process that is easy to dismantle and is stackable, which takes up less space. The bag is an indispensable accessory for the filling, handling, and overall logistical management of all types, providing complete safety for workers.

  • Model No. HML-M6
  • Base: 950Lx950Wx310H mm
  • Post: 1200Lx60x2.5 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 1000 kg
  • Basic Info
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Specifications :

  • Base : 950Lx950Wx310H mm
  • Post : 1200Lx6x2.5 mm
  • Loading Capacity : 1000 kg
  • Stackability : 4 high
  • Loaded Units/40‘HQ : 160 sets
  • Surface Finish : Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat

Main Features :

  • Ideal for storing and transporting goods with big bag
  • 4 way forklift & pallet truck entry
  • Maximize floor space: vertical storage, stack up to 4 high
  • Fully collapsible: removable arms – eliminate storage space when not in use & lower freight costs by returning more empty racks
  • One person handling: quick assemble and install by simple steps

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