Cage Pallet

Secured Storage Equipment for a Variety of Uses

Cage pallets from HML Pak are considered as perfect partners when it comes to product safety. When you are running a warehouse, every product stored or on the process is gold. That means they need to be taken care of from start to finish. With HML Pak cage pallets, product safety and security are guaranteed.

Cage Pallet Overview

Our team of product design experts made sure to create a universal design to meet the demands of various industries. Each cage pallet is made of mild steel and has unit clips that allow them to easily snap into place. 

Regular cage pallets can carry an average weight. But for a heavier load, the team can readily install a timber base with heavy-duty frames.  When it comes to warehouse safety, metal cage pallets are less prone to fire, and their open structure allows water from sprinklers to pass through easily.

This container is equipped with a gravity lock device and tubular steel for extra security. A galvanized metal flooring sheet is added to prevent smaller items from falling out of the container. For additional features, clients have the option to add metal lids for theft protections, dividers, and printed ID plates, depending on the other needs of the business.

Why Choose HML Pak

Being the most trusted smart storage solutions provider, HML Pak guarantees to deliver the best value in the fastest turnaround time at a reasonable cost. We are a one-stop service provider for all material handling needs and innovative storage solutions.

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