Choosing Tire Racks for Effective Space Management

tire racks

Choosing Tire Racks for Effective Space Management

A growing number of facilities, vehicle dealers, tires shops, and warehouses need to equip themselves with an organized high-density mobile tire storage system. Since tires and SKUs are in demand nowadays, there should be specialized racking solutions. An innovative product that makes this happen is choosing tire racks. 

HML Pak’s tire rack is available in several specifications. These tire racks allow for the best floor management in your warehouse, while securing your tires safely in place. now benefits of using tire racks in warehouses, automotive, industrial spaces, and other factories.

Why Choose Tire Racks?

When it comes to tire racks, there are several specifications a client can choose from. Some of the varieties include passenger tire racks, metal tire racks , metal tire shipping rack, stacking tire pallet rack, and many others that effectively store SUV, truck, and various types of passenger tires. Each type differs concerning the other in style, shape, finish, materials of construction, design, and specifications; the primary purpose remains the same which is to store tires safely and adequately.

Benefits From Investing In HML Pak

HML Pak is one of the leading suppliers for these tire racks . Our products are designed to maximize load while consuming only minimal space. Tire containers can be stacked by twenty levels high and can carry a maximum of 60 tires. They also vary in size, based on the kind of tires loaded. Every product of ours has guaranteed long-term durability because of its mild steel and finished with powder coating or galvanized iron put into it. The following are the benefits you’ll gain when you choose HML Pak. Let’s find out what those are!

Save Space

Investing in HML Pak’s tire racks will boost warehouse space. Choosing tire racks will help you stack and store tires in various sizes. Thousands of tires can properly manage when proper storage is there. It also increases the storage density of every warehouse logistics and distribution company.

Well Arranged Tires

Having the right tire racking storage system can optimize storage performance.  Our specialized racks helps arrange and classify different tires, making it easier for the tires to be taken care of. These racks are also a cost-effective solution to keep your tires organized in the best way for easy warehouse management and move out.

Complete Protection from Damage

Tires are the most efficient part of any vehicle, and any harm can severely affect anyone’s journey. In this case, tire racks are essential as they protect the tires from deteriorating. 

Invest in the right racks that are sturdy and can easily handle the roughness of your forklift. You can choose to partner with HML Pak, known to design customized metal racks to your requirements. With their vast industry knowledge, they create storage racks that are easily stackable and built to any size with no limitations. Contact us today to get a FREE quote! 





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