Laundry Cart

Maximizing linen storage and transportation

Laundry carts are the perfect partners when it comes to managing laundry operations and materials. They can effectively keep the products safe and secured inside the container no matter how much they are moved. Laundry carts in HML Pak are also known for their durability and convenience. These features allow the containers to carry heave loads of linen while workers easily transport them from one place to another. Also, HML Pak laundry carts are built with sturdy casters that make them easy to swerve and control.

Being quality laundry equipment, our carts are made of steel and finished with galvanized iron and powder coating. They are not prone to rust, corrosion, or moisture, which pave a longer lifespan as compared to other metal products. 

Our selection is not limited to metal products as we also offer plastic bags and garment racks to meet varying demands in the laundry industry.

Benefits of Laundry trolley

They have high visibility and accessibility. Customers have the option to choose open mesh containers with double gates to grab the products quickly. Laundry trolleys have an excellent organizational structure that allows mixed loads. The metal ones also minimize manual handing, resulting in less damage on linens and towards workers. The best assurance from an HML Pak laundry cart is that every aspect is made according to the strict requirements and standards of the laundry industry.

Get your own laundry cart manufactured

The goal of HML Pak is to create the best equipment that contributes to logistics and operational efficiency. With this, all our products are highly customizable. You can place your requests and add other designs that meet the needs of the business.

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